July 3, 2015
by stef

Long Weekend

New summer sandals

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I am so happy that I extended my long weekend by taking an extra day off yesterday. Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of the many moves we had earlier in the year. My body was begging for rest. I complied and went shopping, thus the Instagram.

I’ve been listening to the Mystery Show podcast, thanks to Kate! Loved it so much that I listened to all the episodes in one day. Now I have to wait…

Also really enjoying Crime Writers on Serial. If you listened to Serial Season 1 and like me, have been caught up in this case, you would like this podcast and of course, the very detailed Undisclosed. These podcasts turn my 40 minute bus-ride into a flash!

I downloaded a new (to me!) book that comes highly recommended by a blog friend who prides herself on living life to the fullest.

Loving watermelon, iced coffees, brie on crackers and late night catch-up chats with Mike.

June 29, 2015
by stef

Staying Cool in the Heat

Skagit Sun Strawberries #hellosummer

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Eating cold spicy peanut sesame noodles – quick and easy and delicious! Use rice noodles or soba for a gluten-free option.

Listening to Leon Bridges’ new album – his sound is timeless.

Reading The Little Prince again because when you are feeling a little tired and off, this tips you in the right direction.

Enjoying warmer mornings, toddler chit chat, iced tea and dark chocolate-covered dried mango.

June 25, 2015
by stef

My Favorite Daddies

This is very much belated but every day should be a day when we appreciate the fathers in our lives.

You know that I can easily go on and on about my da (gosh, I miss him all the time), about his great stories and his infectious laughter and his big heart. I was sad that I couldn’t tell him how much I appreciate all he has done for me so I let Father’s Day slip by for me.

I wanted to post this because I think today is as good as any to be thankful for the dads in my life.


I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us.
We are formed by little scraps of wisdom
.” ― Umberto Eco

June 24, 2015
by stef

Picking up

Hello friends,

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote. 2014 was a very trying year for me and my family. First, we had to say good-bye to my amazing and strong da. I miss him every single day and am slightly comforted by the bits of him that I recognize in Sagan.

We had a spade of home break-in’s and before long, I knew that, in order to keep my sanity, I had to leave Scarlett and the place we called home. We have now moved into a new space, it’s not in the city anymore but I still work in the city so I do get to spend time there. It was tough leaving a community that I felt connected to but it was time. Sometimes you feel it and no words can truly explain.

I am making a new commitment to update this blog again. I’d like to share updates about my life, show you how much S has grown and maybe start taking more pictures again. Let’s see if I can do this once a week.

I have missed you guys. I don’t even know if you would even read this but HELLO AGAIN!

October 20, 2013
by stef

2 years + 81 days


My dear boy,

I can’t believe how time flies every day and no matter how much I remind myself, I am still afraid that I forget to be grateful to be your momma. Some nights when I’m tired from a day of keeping up with you or exasperated by your obsession with your cars, I still find myself looking back at pictures that I have taken of you. I marvel at how quickly you learn and how you don’t want to be a baby anymore. You are only 2, my son, slow down a little.

You started carrying around your Lightning McQueen backpack a couple of weeks ago. You pile all of your cars into it and try with all your might to put it on your back. You funnily call it your “hand bag”.

Some of your favorite things to eat are bacon, sausage, chicken wings, curry, mushrooms and prawns. You love prawns. Just like I do. And you seem to be hungry a lot these days. I don’t think that 11 hours of sleep would leave anyone THAT hungry when they wake from it. Especially if they ate well just before they went to bed.

You are definitely honing your negotiation skills. With words and mostly, with the sprawl-on-floor-leg-kicking trick.

You put on your own boots, albeit mostly on the wrong foot.

You call everyone buddy and are very polite, especially when someone brings you food – “Thank you, buddy! It’s lunch!”

You are definitely favoring your daddy these days and you don’t know how happy that makes me to see you two together. The two people that I love most in this world.

I know that I will not be able to remember everything, even if I write them all down but my boy, you can be sure that momma cherishes every moment that she shares with you.


August 4, 2013
by stef


Sometimes, you are given something when you least expect it but it suddenly fills a need you didn’t realize was there. This poem did it for me tonight.

“Enough” by Danna Faulds

It’s enough to offer love, no matter how imperfectly received or given. It’s enough to try and fail at a difficult task; enough to fall and rise, stumble, fall again, sigh and start to walk, however slowly, in the direction the soul points. It’s enough to seek peace and find pain, to gain nothing but a vision of truth and take the long route home.

It’s enough to feel temptation, the dance of the senses, the hot pull of desire; enough to call on God, walk through fire, sleep and cry and fear or welcome dying. It’s enough to be and breathe, to feel the touch of wind on skin.

It’s enough to take the day as it comes, to watch the ripples on the lake as the rock sinks to the bottom, to see the wild reflection of the surface calm into a mirror once again. It’s enough to hear the voice of fear and hide – or seek it out and face the shame or shadows. It’s enough to set out to tame demons and watch them multiply instead. It’s enough to be buffeted by the winds of change and not blown over. I and you and all of us, more than enough.

June 29, 2013
by stef


50. That is the total number of pounds that I have lost and kept off for more than a year. That is a record. That is something I am very proud of and this new body is getting stronger every day. It does not matter that it took me almost 40 years to gain control of my body. I finally have control and will continue to let it attain its fullest potential.

When I started making changes to the way I ate and adding Crossfit to my life, I was met with varying responses. Many were supportive but more like “alright, good for you but we’ll be here when you fall” kind of support. Or maybe I was over-sensitive, since I have failed so many times in my life. I never kept the weight off or persisted in those other fitness endeavors before, why would I now?

I think a year is more than sufficient proof (to myself) that this change is here to stay. It may evolve as time goes on but my diet will always follow a primal template and exercise will always include strength and interval training, with elements of play.

Elisabeth Akinwale puts it perfectly:
“…if you have conviction about what you are doing, you must hold onto that as your shield against the naysayers. You are responsible for your body. You are responsible for your own health and happiness. How your body transforms is secondary to the discipline you’re displaying and the sense of accomplishment you earn in your daily workouts and progress towards your goals. People who really care about you should be uplifted by your joy, hard work and accomplishments.”

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