Mike is back to blogging, I think he’s going to commit to doing it every week. But here is his new site and see what a geek he is.

If he doesn’t keep up weekly posts, I’m going to mention it again. I love being a pesky wife.

NPR Cache

This morning when Mike got out of bed at 5, and left for PT, I felt a shaking in my bed. It was the exact time that he closed the front door. I said to myself,” Hey, why did he slam the door so hard?” After a while I realize that the tremor was not caused by my grouchy-don’t-want-to-be-up husband. I drift off back to sleep for another 90 minutes of slumber. 90 minutes felt like 9 when I woke to the sound of my local NPR station. The voice on there told me about an Alabama earthquake that rocked most of Northern Georgia. We felt it too in the ‘ Hoochee valley.

I spend most mornings listening to NPR before I head to work. This morning, they were talking about GeoCaching, a new sport for those who love an adventure and owned a little GPS device. Some weeks back I discovered the old sport of Letterboxing. GC is just a new way of finding whatever someone has left behind – a little stash of goodies. I love treasure hunts and looking for things, and I have a pretty decent sense of direction… I think Mike and I will try this out. I’ll keep you posted on it. But if you want to read more about it, the link above will help.

Another morsel of news I got from NPR this morning was about this restaurant up in Portland Oregon. It was a place where parents can bring their fussy toddlers for a meal without worrying about them breaking the dishes or messing up the table linen. It’s called Peanut Butter & Ellie’s. I can’t seem to find a link to it but when I do, I will update you.

Update: Jennie sent me the link to the restaurant, thanks! I also forgot to add that they will be expanding the restaurant to include cities like San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. Moms there, don’t fret!

Easter Basket

Before I head to bed and rest for the coming week, here’s what I got in my Easter basket:

– Bath & Body Works Green Tea and Cucumber Body Lotion
– Bath & Body Works Green Tea and Cucumber Body Wash
– Cadbury Creme Eggs
– 2 rolls of film for my LOMO camera
– A new LOMO camera (wow!)
– Godiva chocolates
– Godiva chocolate Bunny wrapped in a lavender foil

All of the above put together in a pretty basket with matching lavender ribbon wrapped around it. I’ll post a pic soon.

He’s definitely a keeper! My Easter Bunny 🙂


Starting today, I decided to add a bagus (pronounced bah-goose) pick to my posts. Bagus means good in Malay – the national language of Singapore. It may be our national language but the most commonly spoken would be English or Mandarin. (Yes, PTina*, I will talk more about Singapore in my posts – thanks for the tip!)

Today’s Bagus Bagus: Jenny Kwok’s

You have to check out the items she and her circle of partners have created. Many one of a kind items. She’s definitely going to be shipping stuff to me once I make up my mind on what I would like to order.