Wee Da*xiang

Jo made me the cute animation on the top of my sidebar!! She was so nice to take time off her busy schedule to complete it. It’s a pink elephant in a rice bowl, and a tea cup for a hat… and she’s tossing rice!! Thank you Jo, for sharing your talent with us!

Tea Education

I spent most of last night just packing up the tea for the swap into their various packets, labelling them and making sure the right tea go to the right people. It was the most fun I had all week. I learn so much about tea just through this swap.

I have not been to many tea rooms, and I have discovered that here in the south, there are many tea rooms. I have also found a few interesting books about tea on Amazon.

This 4th of July weekend, we are heading to Savannah – may be antiquing or just having tea. Mike’s mom is coming to visit us.

Organizing Magazines


A couple of weeks ago, I saw posts on P*Tina and Christy about their myriad of magazine subscriptions. This morning, while eating breakfast, and pouring over one of the many back issues of the now-defuncted Victori*a Magazine, I found this interesting magazine organization software. The software helps you organize magazine articles that you have scanned. It’s called Scanalog and above, you will find a screenshot.

I haven’t tried it – have you? I just think it would be great to be able to keep and organize all those articles. I also think that all magazines should have an electronic format that we can “clip” and paste on our virtual notice board.

Peonies & Bamboo

peony tree bamboo

Pictures from the Montreal Chinese Gardens. I visited it in the summer of 2000. Aren’t they the most beautiful flowers? They smell really wonderful too. And the bamboo, I would plant these in my yard if I had one. Also, if I had a garden with these beauties, I’d be one happy mama!

What is your favorite flower?

Blo’pinions: B&BW Wallflowers

I was thinking about asking someone for an opinion on Bath & Body Works’ Wallflowers…. you know the little flower they stick into the socket and it supposed to make the room smell good from then on?

Was wondering if anyone has tried them, heard anything about them, and if the scent lasts. Usually on these plugins, the scent is crazily strong when you first get them, then wittles away to nothing very soon after. If you know more, leave your blo’pinion, please? Many thanks!!

Bath Tea?

While looking online to search for how to make bath salts, I found this interesting recipe for a bath tea. I’m tempted to try this out. From the ingredients, it sounds like a cleansing & relaxing mix. Anybody like some bath tea??

Green Tea Bath Tea

6-8 muslin small drawstring
bags or sealable tea bags
2 tablespoons Green Tea
1/4 cup Parsley
1/4 cup Dried Chamomile Flowers
1 tablespoon Orange Peel dried spice
1/2 cup Epsom Salt

Mix all ingredients and spoon into bags. Drop into warm running bath water.