Gardeners Therapy

How lucky is a girl when she has friends who can predict what her loves are – here’s to my friend J who practically predicted my love for gardening and all things hort-y. She bought me this lovely hand cream a while back. It smells like herbs and works wonders for my hands since I am often outside digging with my bare hands in the dirt.

Thanks J!


Type Scarf

little factory lowercase scarf

Source: Little Factory

A few days ago, I received a package from HK. I was expecting a surprise (oxymoron?) to arrive, as Mike had warned me. I love surprises but imagine my glee when I saw this beautiful laser cut scarf in the box. With lowercase type, no less. The type nerd in me grinned widely. (Little Factory has some cute fleece blankets as well).

I had seen this in a few blogs recently and secretly wanted it. How did he know?

Anyhow, 6 more days until I get to thank him in person.

Alessi Mami Fry Pan

The very little time I have these days, I find myself watching Nigella Express episodes on a popular video sharing network online. The speedy meals that she comes up with, really inspires me. Despite the maddening schedule I keep, I have found myself trying to cook a meal or two.

One of my favorite episodes is when she makes mustard pork chops with a gorgeous cream cider sauce and gnocchi. Who does not love gnocchi? Tender soft dumplings that are so quick to cook if brought home in a package.

This same episode also has me crushing on this beautiful Alessi Mami fry pan. I have decided that it will be my post-project madness gift to myself.

alessi mami fry pan

Night Cream


Lately, I’ve been feeling the need for a richer night cream. I’ve tried various brands but none of them seem to do the job well for my sensitive skin. They are either too rich (read: stays on the surface) or too light.

I like my Eucerine Extra Protective Moisture Lotion to use under my makeup during the day but I need something to help my skin get ready for the next day.

Here’s my new purchase – Boots No 7 Advanced Hydration Night Cream. I have used Boots earlier in my life but that was before I really needed any complicated skin care products. I remember how it was a simple question of “normal” or “oily” or “dry” skin, these days, I can’t seem to avoid the temporal factor in selecting skin care.

I’m so happy that Boots is now available in the US (at Target and online). My skin is definitely thanking me for it.

Lizi Boyd

lizi boyd papers

For a long time in my life, I never noticed the people behind a piece of work. Now, I can’t help myself.

I have a sheet of gift wrap (bottom left – Winterberry) that I’ve framed up and today, I learned that it is the work of Lizi Boyd. She is a talented illustrator and I absolutely enjoy her botanical wrapping paper.

Margaret Muir

margaret muir bedding
I really enjoy receiving care packages from my girlfriends who live in other countries. A while ago, a package came from Singapore, filled with delicious goodies and thoughtful gifts. I stood in line at the busy post office at the end of a Friday and waited patiently for the box to be retrieved. Its heft ached my heart a little as I look at how much postage caused, but it also meant that it was filled with wonderful bits and bobs.

Amongst the bits and bobs that C always puts together, I noticed a brochure for Margaret Muir Bedding. The pieces are tastefully pretty and created with texture, color, interest and embroidery. I especially like this set in the picture that I’ve scanned for you here. I found a sprinkling of images on the site so you can see what other products are made. I also enjoy the “story” behind the company.

Thanks, C, the little things matter most.

Petite Purse

 studio globe coin purse

When mlle a. first raved about Studio Globe, I added Takae to my favorites on Etsy. The minute I saw the fabric on this cute coin purse with the unique clasp, I knew I had to get one for myself. Her handwork is so fine and her packaging, absolutely adorable!

Thank you, Takae!

Sweet Mushroom Key Pouch

sweet mushroom key pouch

This sweet mushroom key pouch traveled all the way from a studio somewhere in Germany where mushrooms and adorable birdies frolic among the antique lace and ribbons. I love how my keys look now. They used to be an unruly bunch but now they fit (mostly) in this cute linen pouch.

Thank you, mlle a. – your workmanship is flawlessly gorgeous as always.

See others here.

Price of Sleep

down pillow

I’ve been looking really hard all this time for a really good pillow. I’m one of those sleepers who start out in the side sleeping position and proceed to sleep on my back for the rest of the night. As a result, a pillow that is good for a side sleeper will only be comfortable for me, for about 2 hours into the night. Depending on how I roll over on my back, I may or may not have a good night’s sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I do sleep. It’s how much my neck or shoulders hurt the next day truly define how I slept.

Our recent trip to Richmond and a serendipitous upgrade to better bed/bedding/pillows led me to find “the one”. After one night of sleeping on that pillow, I awoke to considerably less aches. It could be the fact that I was on vacation but I think it was the goose down pouf of happiness.

So, I bit the bullet and ordered one of these pillows. I think that a good night’s sleep is truly priceless.