Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s what it is. The way you cope with it, is what makes the difference.” – Virginia Satir

I’ve had this stuffy head/nose combination for about a week now.  I am unsure if this is part of the pregnancy or allergies or a cold or a combination of all 3.  But I am coping with the symptoms as best I can.  Sleeping propped up is a new skill.

Very close to 28 weeks now, and I’m starting to feel like someone turned off the energy source of the second trimester.  I still cope with a lengthy commute at work but I’m putting in fewer hours. I need as much ease as I can get, without feeling lazy.  I don’t want to use the baby as an excuse to do less but I know that I need to force myself into that position. If not, I’ll be doing too much and adding a lot of unnecessary stress to myself and those around me.

M has also been a trooper. He switched jobs recently and was supposed to enjoy a nice “babymoon” in Maui with me but he had to take care of me post-surgery. Not much of a vacation. I really owe him one. Hopefully before the baby turns 18.  Now he has immersed himself into work and on most days, is just distracted by his new exciting job. I’m not complaining, I just wish there was a way for me to help him cope but I think he knows that he has my fullest support no matter what he does.  I’m also pretty sure that impending fatherhood must be adding to that stress.

We haven’t painted the nursery yet, I think we still have time. We just need to air the room out for a couple of days, after painting.  I’ve been shopping for the little guy, he already has more outfits than his mama does (thanks to his generous adoring grandmimi). Really. But it’s been fun, picking out little cute things. I troll and watch Zulily for good deals.  I’ve been on the lookout for cute little hangers – these by Ditto are neat and recyclable.

On the whole, I am making the most of this rare and precious journey.  I am not sure if I will miss being pregnant, but I will miss his little pokes and kicks for sure.  For now, I am trying my best to be a healthy mothership so my son can arrive on this planet, safely.

Our little guy

We are having a baby boy. A sweet little guy who just loves to wriggle around in my belly. For a while now, I’ve had the feeling that my little one was going to be a boy, I guess mums just have a sort of instinct. All I hope for is a healthy baby because I know that I will love any baby of mine unconditionally.

The scan went well, he is healthy with all the necessary parts and pieces. It looks like I am doing a fairly good job of gestating and we continue to hope that the rest of the journey will be smooth too.

We did not have  a very chatty ultrasound tech and apparently, I am not easy to scan. I guess the poor man was trying to avoid my quickly recovering incision. Still, we got a few blurry prints – this one is my favorite – our little guy has his hand up to his mouth. Oh what I would give for a self-soother!

The Wolf and Seven Young Kids

Do you know that Brothers Grimm fable about the wolf and 7 young kids? Kids as in little goats? Well, I have been feeling like how the wolf has felt after his stomach was cut open, filled with stones and sewn back.

I’ve debated about sharing this story with you but it is such a important step in this pregnancy that I have to let you know.

In my last post, I shared about the scary pains in my belly as being a bump in the road but it turns out, it was a warning sign that I needed surgery to remove a cyst that has been growing in my belly. It was such a horrible pain that I felt last Friday (3/11) evening. I was doubled over in pain as M rushed me to urgent care. I feared for my little one’s safety but I could barely wrap my head around the pain I felt. I was hospitalized that night but I knew that I was bound for the OR to remove the cyst.

The surgery went well, M steadfast by my side, reassuring me all the time that it was going to be alright and that he will be there when I woke, even when he feared for my well-being. The nurses and doctors were amazing and supportive. I cannot thank them enough for the care they took of me.

The last of my staples came out today but I am still taking things slow and easy as I heal from the 8″ long incision on my belly. It’s quite the battle scar.

It’s been a trying week, physically, emotionally and mentally. But I really feel like I have found my way home. Particularly to M, who has never strayed from my side since I’ve been a little lost trying to find myself since more than 20 months ago. He deserves the award for a true companion in my life.

We are due for our anatomy scan on Wednesday but we got to see our little one that fateful Friday. I was in much pain but it was still good to see him tumbling about in my belly. Yes, him. I am going to be a proud mum of a son whom I hope, will follow in his daddy’s steadfast and loving footsteps.

Don’t worry about me too much, my friends, I am surely on the mend. My fate will be unlike the one of the wolf who ends up at the bottom of the well. On the contrary, I am on my way up.

Thank you for always keeping me and M in your thoughts and prayers. We are lucky.

Happy 2011!

My dear friends,

How are you all doing?

I’m doing great.  I know that I have not been updating this blog much and have been asked on numerous occasions if I would continue with it.  The truth is, I did want to stop blogging.  But I can’t seem to let you guys go.  It’s not that I’ve been neglecting the simple sweet things in life and how precious time is, I’ve just been distracted. For good reason though.

So I promise more frequent visits and some news in weeks to come. Be patient with me, if you are still checking back.

Tomorrow it will be 9 years since Mike walked down the sandy aisle on Sentosa with me. I love you my dearest husband. Always.


One of my favorite surprises in the garden this year is the borage. These prickly herb plants look like weeds as they self-seed and show up as volunteers all over the garden, but when the flowers bloom, it makes all the difference. I don’t know if you can do anything with the prickly leaves but I love putting the blue flowers in iced drinks. They just look really pretty in a lemonade. As you can see, I have some harvesting to do.

Today’s bits

I wanted to visit Sapa, Vietnam this time when I was home in Singapore but things got busy and I took other trips. I would really like to go, especially since I have a good guide to take me around. In the meantime, I would like to read this beautiful book by Luke Nguyen.

With all the decluttering, I am now setting up a new office space in the house. I am leaning towards these acrylic organizers.

I always like that plain yeast or buttermilk donut. Maybe I should try this recipe out?

It’s been 5 years since I’ve been back to the San Juans, maybe this summer will be a good time to spend some time around those parts. Here’s a good guide from Sunset. [I miss the magazine, I did not renew my subscription when I was away in Singapore, time to renew it, I think!]

Another transition


Lately, it’s been about transitions for me. I can’t quite say that I like it but with change comes a lot of new chances for good things to happen. I think that’s how I cope, mostly.

Soon it’s goodbye to Singapore, for a while. I’ve been grateful for the time here. I never thought that I would get this opportunity but I’ve been blessed.

There are stories to tell, pictures to share and plans to make but for now, I wanted to be thankful.

Not in his goals but in his transitions is man great.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Conservatory of Flowers, Balboa Park


I’m back. *sheepish*

K and I visited San Diego in the middle of May for a very fun girlfriend vacation. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown and walked all over the place. I think we did the tourist thing but since we haven’t visited SD, it was a great introduction. The weather was mostly sunny but there was some grey (according to the locals). Hailing from Seattle, I can attest that SD grey is nowhere near ours. With that being said, in recent weeks, Seattle has been sparkling from all the sunshine we have been getting. Mike and I are loving it but K is just enamored. Who wouldn’t be?

There were many sights to see but one of my favorites was Balboa Park. The architecture reminded me so much of Spain, where I left my heart last year. One mention of the country will have me swooning. The Conservatory of Flowers was my favorite spot. Look at how the orchids are blooming and how the filtered light accentuates their loveliness.


Outside, the water lilies float quietly on the sparkling pools.



Day 1 - Barcelona

We arrived a couple of days ago – it has been lovely! The detailed architecture of the buildings are a feast for the eyes and the balconies with all sorts of plant containers catch my attention everywhere we go. The food has been glorious, the wines delicious and I have not had this much coffee in a while. Café con leche (espresso with milk) for happy jet-lagged me!

Birthday Seafood Makan

When asked what I wanted to eat for my birthday last week, I immediately said “Chili crabs”. My mum makes the best chili crabs and I’d be a fool to pass up a chance to have her make it for me. I was not greedy and only wanted crabs but somehow the menu grew and became an 8-course meal. A lucky number indeed!

There was chili crab, curry crab, cereal prawns (thanks to C who sent cereal seasoning from SG), stir fried yu choy, black bean mussels, seared scallops, tofu fish cake and 饅頭 (man tou/steamed buns).

Singaporean Seafood Fest for birthday

My sis in law baked me a delicious blueberry birthday cake. It was perfect chiffon cake, impeccably frosted and decorated.

I definitely counted my blessings and look forward to a wonderful year ahead!