What I didn’t do while in SF

My list of “To-Do”s in SF was not too long but I still didn’t manage to cover all the little things I had started out to. It’s not that I’m disappointed in that because I still found many unplanned wonders.

Things I missed:

    @ Visit the SF Conservatory of Flowers
    @ Art Deco Exhibition at the Legion of Honor [unplanned]
    @ Eat at Banana Leaf – a Malaysian restaurant.

I guess that wasn’t so bad. It just makes me wonder how often people stray from their list. How often do people give in and not fulfil their initial plans?

I liken this to life. That one cannot always plan for everything. You make a plan in the form of a list and then you let it guide you. But along the way, life brings its own distractions and you end up doing other unplanned things that actually do gratify you too.

Do you know the way…

…to Singapore? I know we just got back from a trip but that is a small journey compared to this.

This summer, we will be taking our pilgrimage back to the source. Well, my source at least… but Mike claims he’s got a Singaporean soul in him. *grin*

The flight’s booked and neither hell or high water shall stop us. *bwahahahahaha*

SF Day 8: Family and shopping

We didn’t do a lot today – just some shopping at the outlet in Gilroy. It was terribly hot there but we got what needed, had lunch and headed home. The evening was quiet and time was spent with family. As always Olivia and Ben were just darlings.

We’re home now. The flight was uneventful and we got home safely. Chinese takeout is on the way, and a movie might be in order.

Good night everyone, rest up for the week!

SF Day 7: The one with Hovey & Indian food

Today we met up with Hovey and Dan. They are most wonderful. Hovey and I had met online and I was always enthralled by her jewelry making talents. I got to witness her working studio and was in awe.

We got to visit with them at their loft and ate at the Kurry Klub on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley (down the street from Chez Panisse). I only remembered that we forgot a photo opp after the evening ended.

Mike and I had a great time with the both of them – thanks guys!

[p.s. we had great battered shrimp and lamb rolls for appetizers, naan and briyani for main courses and warm spicy chai to end the meal.]

SF Day 6: The one with everything but the kitchen sink

It was a lovely day in San Francisco. We went down to the Ferry Building Marketplace and scoured the shops. Our main purpose for going there was Miette’s and Imperial Tea. We got so much more out of this destination.

A Japanese delicatessen – Delica rf1 caught our attention and we ate lunch there. A bento box, a rice ball, a crab croquette and shrimp cake later, our tummies and taste buds were thanking us non-stop.


Walking through the marketplace, we saw lovely artisanal bread, cheese and pottery. Then I saw Miette’s sign – unmistakably pink and pretty. I could only stand in awe of their pretty cakes. It’s a little hole in the wall but the shelves were filled with pink antique cake stands, cello bags of cookies, jars of macaroons, luscious chocolate layered cakes, and adorable cupcakes. It took me a while but I left with an old fashioned cupcake, a slice of layered chocolate cake and a lemon tart.

Miette Patisserie

Miette Goodies

Then the Imperial Tea Court called to me – see my review on the teahouse at my teaswap blog (coming soon!). I brought home some Lychee Black tea and Tangerine Sencha.

SF Day 5: The one at home with the babies

We decided to have a quiet day at home with the folks and the babies. The babies are wonderful and it was a gorgeous day. Took a walk to the store to get some fixin’s for a roast beef dinner. On the way I snapped a couple of pics of the lovely flowers here in the community.

We made a pot roast, some braised cabbage with bacon, and roasted garlic mash potatoes. For dessert, we had a lovely Chinese delicacy – Steamed Bird’s Nest. They are made from the nests of a swallow. It sounds like you might be eating twigs or clay but really, it’s the spittle of the bird that has been dried. I am not sure if a swallow was made homeless as a result but it’s not something you eat every day.

Pictures will follow.

SF Day 4: The one with burgers and meatballs

Today we went to Ikea, Fry’s and In N Out Burger. We had a good time eating and shopping around. I made it a point to go to the places that we don’t have near us.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Baby blue Thunderbird
Baby Blue Thunderbird on Van Ness

Swedish Meatballs @ Ikea

In N Out Burgers

In N Out Fries

SF Day 3: The one with bubble tea and sushi

We took a drive down to the city to pick my aunt and cousin up. It was lovely seeing the city again. Even though I don’t come to SF enough, I feel like I still know it. Maybe it’s because I have to constantly navigate the streets while Mike drives up.

We were down near Mason Street, passed Van Ness, the City Hall (where we got married), the Greek place we ate at before that and a new IKEA (to me) near Stanford.

Last night we took a walk to the mall area outside and found a tea cafe called “Fantasia” – they served really good bubble tea, loose tea and a whole range of Numi teas.

Here’s some pictures we took:

approaching SF
Approaching SF

bamboo gdn
The Bamboo Garden restaurant we had dim sum at.

cold stone
Cold Stone Creamery
I had strawberry & French Vanilla ice cream in a cone

San Fran Plans

vintageSF.jpgNext Saturday, we leave for San Francisco. For 9 days. The main purpose of our trip is to meet my folks and visit with my brother, sis and the babies. Ollie is 2 and already a singer. Ben is 7 months and already a charmer. Oh, I can’t wait. There will be baby pictures to share.

Apart from just spending time with folks, I have a few things I want to do while I’m there:

I don’t want to spend too much time away from my family and since I’ve lived in and been to SF several times, I am trying to just plan a minimal itinerary. Thank you all who have kindly shared ideas on what to do and see while we’re there.