Beyond the Sea

Indian Rocks

Tomorrow, we are going on a vacation for 9 whole days. See the red star? That’s where we’ll be – Indian Rocks Beach, somewhere between the Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast. I’ve always loved the water and cannot wait to spend hours snorkeling, swimming, napping, reading and eating. I hope the weather will be good to us. We might even take a trip down the coast to Sanibel for some great shells.

Stef Snaps: SF Tribute

Today I pulled out a couple of old San Francisco pictures from a trip I took in 2000. It was one of my most memorable trips ever and to this day, burn many memories about it. SF has a place in my heart because I had the luck to live there for a few months, got to know my best friend on that trip and got married 2 times to the same man within a matter of 4 months in that beautiful city.

I will be putting up a couple of pics – they were scanned and taken in a point & shoot camera, but pretty decent shots, I think. Check them out at StefSnaps this week.

Next week, Florida pictures!

Espaņa : Spain

While I was at the cafeteria today, I stood next to a lady with an accent – it was unmistakably an East European accent so I asked her where she was from… she said SPAIN! But she did say that many people mistake her accent for an East European one. Ooh, how I would love to visit Spain.

This lovely lady, Juanita, tells me that the best time to visit Spain was in September when it’s not so hot and less tourists… but what am I? I AM a tourist. Still, I would like to go when it’s not the peak season. She also tells me that I can hop on a train to Germany! (Anissa, you hear that??!?!) We had a lovely chat while we were there waiting for our fries to be ready. Maybe Mike & I will visit Spain someday… go to Asturias, Madrid, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Ibiza and Mallorca.

Just when I started losing faith in the people I work around, here comes a wonderful soul out of nowhere! Life does have its little surprises.