Sushi Mat Earrings Holder

I can’t remember where I first saw this idea but it took me about 6 months to start using it.

I bought a big sushi mat, hung it up in a clip hanger and then popped my earrings on it. Now, I have full access to all my hanging earrings. It’s also easy for me to remove the ones I’m wearing at the end of each day and hang them back here.

It looks like I have room for quite a few more.

Matryoshka Pin

Every now and then, the wind (with the postal service’s help, of course) blows this way and brings me some goodies in a box all the way from Germany. The little things are gathered with thought and wrapped one by one tidily. Often, the box is accompanied by a nice handwritten list of what it contains. Most of you who know me, know the source of this glee.

This same source is a most wonderful and talented friend. The lucky ones have discovered her work and the good news is that, not long ago, she opened her lovely shop.

Pictured here is my most recent purchase, the Matryoshka Pin. I wore it all over Singapore in December and got quite a few compliments. I think it’s absolutely adorable. Look at some of the other colors that she has created.

What I love about the pretties (pouches, bags, belts, pins and hair sticks to name a few) that she has created, is that they have an element of vintage, but with a touch of her thimble, she presents you with something totally unconventional. Another thing I love about A is her custom work. You bring her a vision or a dream about something and when she presents you with a result, you suddenly realize that it was what you had wanted but couldn’t really describe.

I present you, thymbyl designs by mlle a.

Pressing leaves

I saw this post by Danny Seo just as my maple tree was dropping its leaves. This year is its 2nd year and it seemed to settle better. Last year, it dropped all its leaves before September. This time it held out till last week. The ground beneath it is a lovely red but the poor tree looks much like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

I picked a brown paper bag full of leaves so I could press and dry them. I couldn’t find a phone book lying around but my 2006 coupon book looks like it will work fine.

They will make really good gift tags. Thanks, Danny.

Fall Mantel

It’s a typical fall day here in Seattle. It’s grey and chilly but yet there is a guy cleaning the glass of the office building that I’m working in. He has a good many floors to complete…but as I am sitting here, and he’s a few feet away from me separated only by a glass window, my mind strays to the countless “person smashing into office building through glass window” scenes that I’ve witnessed on film. I agree, some smash-throughs were cooler than others, namely the one where Neo and Trinity try to break Morpheus out or the one where Mr. Incredible attempts to save rich billionaire but gets slammed with a legal suit. I don’t have a purpose to this story, only that I am thankful for the guy out there who’s risking his life so that I can have a clearer view of the lovely fall foliage and the bustling highway. Also, to show you how my thoughts stray and find their own little spin-offs.

In the meantime, I am thinking of all things fall-like:
butternut squash, spice cake, apple cider, jack-o-lanterns, and stew to name a few.

I think things will start to slow down for me in the next 2 weeks so I promise some new recipes and pics. Nothing is like cooking something for yourself and your loved ones.

Fabric and Notions

superbuzzybutton.gifPlease go check out Superbuzzy – a collaborative online site by 2 wonderful people I met through teaswapping. Mariko and Kelly have started a cute fabric and notions site with adorable Japanese imports. Definitely a must-see for zakka fans and also mostly because this shop is “as much your shop” as the owners’.


This fall, I’m taking a bookbinding class here. I can’t wait. It’s been a year and a half since my letterpress class.

It’s part of my “getting out of the comfort zone” to try new things.

Japanese Eraser Stamp Books

I have to admit that I have always been attracted by the lovely Japanese style craft books and admire all the crafty girls who do so well in making their own crafts. I am sure that if I put my mind to it, I would be able to make those lovelies but I have not been motivated enough to buy some books..until I saw this one.

It appears to be something that I could do. It will help expand my previous dabble in Mastercarve stamp carving. The cute detailed designs are just my kind of thing. I’ve always believed in minimal. I am sure folks who know me will see that I was probably drawn in immediately by the adorable cup/bowl stamps on the front cover.

For those interested, here’s the ISBN: 483473542


Decoupage Switchplate - double - berries

The creative police have been coming around and asking what new projects I’ve been up to. To be honest, I’ve been spending most of my free time tending to the garden – being able to sit on a patio and look around one’s garden has motivated me to cultivate my garden further.

This week, I’ve decided to move from the outside to inside – I started to decoupage switchplates and it’s becoming a sort of obsession. Looking for paper to use, deciding on what style would match which room and brushing on diluted white glue have kept me busy.

The berries on twigs ones has already found a home in the powder room downstairs. I have decided to redo the styling in that room and I’m leaning towards asian+modern but it’s still evolving. Parisian and Euroflea (as much as I admire those styles) didn’t quite work for me.

The first one on the left will be used in my craft room/study. I haven’t decided on the middle one yet.

Cutting and pasting are very therapeutic for me. Thank heavens!

Crafty Organization

Alright, I want to ask all your crafty organizing girls (or boys!) out there for some advice/tips on how you categorize your craft materials at home. I have everything in plastic drawers but I usually have to open all of them in order to find a certain item.

Would you care to share your tips with me? I know it makes sense to keep the “like” things together in one place but I thought if we shared what we each did, we might learn something new.

I currently have papers of all sizes, fabric of all sizes, sewing notions, magazines, rubber stamps, ink pads, scissors/paper shapers, punches, mailing supplies etc.