Herb Rubber Stamp

Anyone out there seen herb rubber stamps? Like shape of lavender? and without the word “Lavender” on it?

Sewing your cards & more

I always wanted to try embroidering cards but I wasn’t sure if one needed a special card stock or a special needle. This looks like a good kit and it gave me the answer to my questions. You just draw up or print out a vellum template and use a pricking tool to trace it on your card stock. Something I might try this weekend.

These flower punches are too pretty.

Oh, I have always wanted one of these to fulfil my checkout girl fantasies – for my little shop.

Straight eye for the “queer” wall

fabric wall art

Some weeks ago, I had talked about the fabric wall art pieces that I wanted to put up in the bedroom. I finally did it, stretched the 4 different but matching upholstery fabric on the various sizes of canvases and enlisted my guy to help me put it together. I had many different combinations of patterns in my head but Mike helped me put them together as photographed above.

The fabric pieces have helped with holding the room together. We think it is better than a bare wall. Also we couldn’t decide on a painting or poster that would fill that wide wall.

Crafty again

Yesterday, I spent some time at the craft store where I picked up some ribbon, rick rack and some shiny silver heart buttons.

The ribbon is for a gift that I’m making as well as for the tea swap packaging that I put together last night. I will post a picture later on so the teaswappers will still be surprised. I’ll probably take a picture of everyone’s teas together when I receive it all to be distributed.

The shiny silver hearts as pictured here will be transformed into magnets for the bars in my workarea. Although they are hardly made of pewter like these are, I think they are as decorative. I guess my own inexpensive version.


Work Area

I was telling you that I spent most of last weekend reorganizing my work area because of the new shelves Santa brought me. I finally found the time to photograph the area and share it with you.

These are the new shelves:


The whole work area with details are here.

Paper Crafts Mag

Am I the last person who has heard that this magazine was the Crafts Magazine? Its premiere issue was released this month. It looks like it has many interesting projects to try out.

My first Christmas Wreath

This is the picture of the Christmas wreath I made when I was in Texas. It has magnolias, berries, a little red patridge, red hydrangeas, matt gold baubles and candy canes.

christmas wreath 03

Weekend Plans

This weekend, I have a list of things to do – it’s not a must-do but more like a “what I can do” list:

  • Start looking for Christmas gifts;
  • Get a new outfit for my company Christmas party which is formal;
  • Get empty paint cans and sand from the hardware store to repot my wonderful paperwhites which are bursting to bloom;
  • Sort through old catalog/magazine pile and keep useful clippings;
  • Make lasagna.

Today, I am just grateful for little pleasures like my warm bed, my husband’s snores (that he is around) and a hot cup of strawberry cream tea.

Soap Making

sandalwood geranium soaps

I made these soaps last evening for the fall. Coincidentally, we turned our clocks back last night. I wanted to make them with autumny scents and so, decided on sandalwood. It was a little mild and so I added some geranium, now they smell great. The challenge for me was to get an autumny color and oh, you should have seen my face when Mike said they look exactly like my pink summer ones! I guess after inhaling too much geranium, I forgot that my husband’s a little less color aware than I am. So, here is a picture, without tweaking, what do you think?