Growin’ up

We saw “Finding Neverland” last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. Johnny Depp is a magnificent actor and the magical chemistry between the various actors in the film only added to beauty of the lesson in it.

And now, a quote from my favorite Peter Pan song:

Rickie Lee Jones:

If growing up means it would be
Beneath my dignity to climb a tree
I won’t grow up, won’t grow up, won’t grow up
Not me.


We can all use a little bit of this, if not, you’re probably tripping over your head.

Les Brown:

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

Still True

Without saying too much to cloud this already rainy day, this quote by Lori Carson on her journal does it for me:

“I know as soon as I leave, I will ache for it. That doesn’t mean I want to stay though. You can’t stagnate just to guard against longing.” – Lori Carson

I had the privilege of knowing someone who’s met Lori. And I think “smitten” is the best word to describe how she left him that day.

Look Inward

“He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life away in fruitless efforts.” – Samuel Johnson

I am once again challenged by the forthcoming new year, to re-examine who I am and how I’ve lived my life.

In Light

Now You Know the Worst
by Wendell Barry

Now you know the worst
We humans have to know
About ourselves, and I am sorry

For I know that you will be afraid.
To those of our bodies given
Without pity to be burned, I know

There is no answer
But loving one another,
Even our enemies, and this is hard.

But remember:
When a man of war becomes a man of peace,
He gives a light, divine
Though it is also human.
When a man of peace is killed
By a man of war, he gives a light.

You do not have to walk in darkness,
If you will have the courage for love,
You may walk in light.

It will be the light of those who have suffered
For peace. It will be your light.

(From A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems, 1979-1997)