Ramen Quest

I love noodles. Especially freshly made, chewy, al dente noodles.


Where can one find good ramen here in Seattle? I regret not having some while in Vancouver.


p.s. Sorry, by ramen, I meant a shop devoted to making good ramen, as in Tampopo. My bad.

Le Panier

Happiness is an impromptu lunch with a friend over jambon mornay and a shared Napoleon.

Le Panier @ Pike Place Market

See’s for me

scotchmallow.jpgSent on a much welcomed assignment, I went down to See’s Candies to locate some marshmallow-caramel chocolates. I did find a butterscotch caramel marshmallow piece of happiness and bought a couple of samples. Since these Scotchmallows will be travelling a few thousand miles home to Singapore, I decided on purchasing them later on. I don’t think they could survive the stay in my house.

I also spotted some rum goodness. Since mum loves rum, I thought this would be something she fancied – apart from her coffee or espresso leanings. The rum nougat was light yet spiked with enough rum to make her happy.

Essential Bakery Cafe

I realized that I hadn’t blogged a lot about food lately. Almost a week. Anyways, Happy August to everyone first of all. You know how I love this month – it’s my birth month and my Augusts are always filled with all sorts of fun things to do, places to see and people to meet.

We went to the Essential Bakery cafe in East Madison last Friday after work with my folks. Dad has requested some sandwiches and soup so we went. It was quiet since most people head there for lunch or tea.

Dad ordered a basil chicken salad sandwich on sourdough with a bowl of smoked salmon chowder which he gladly shared with us, Mum had a grilled portabello sandwich on rye, Mike had a Reuben and I picked the B.R.A.T. [bacon, red onion, arugula and tomato [Gruyere aioli was amazing] with a spinach side salad [topped with dried currants, halved grapes, and balasmic vinagrette].

For dessert, we bought some pastries home: Dad picked the Rustic Pear tart [he liked pies/tarts], Mum had the Opera [she loves anything with a hint of coffee], Mike had the decadent Chocolate Tart and I had a lemon meringue tart that they called Citron.


Over the next few weeks, there will be a guest chef on da*xiang – my mum. She’s the reason I even cook.

Brunch @ Hi Life

Before we went in to our Copper Trellis class on Saturday afternoon, we decided on having brunch/lunch at the Hi Life in Ballard. Their menu is quite entertaining so you should read carefully. Hi Life is located in an old firehouse, you can definitely smell the wood as you walk in. We met K & A there.

K ordered French Toast [read:vanilla-custard dipped Fancy French Toast, topped with sugared hazelnuts and espresso-mascarpone served with real maple syrup – the mascarpone was a good touch and the sugared hazelnuts too.].

I ordered Biscuits & Gravy [perfect homemade biscuits and amazing sausage gravy or as I would put it – “gravy sausage” since they were most generous in their sausage portions]. It’s hard to say which was better, this one or Crave’s.

A ordered Station House No. 18 Pancakes [with bacon and eggs] and Mike ordered the Serrano Ham Sandwich [Cured Spanish ham, caramelized onions, Manchego cheese and a drizzle of honey on griddled hearth bread. Served with fries.] The honey was such a good touch as it offsets the ham and the carmelized onions provided a depth of savory sweetness.

I will definitely go back to Hi Life for dinner [see what the wood-fired grill will offer] or even brunch again. I am not sure if I can avoid asking for the biscuits and gravy again but I’ll surely try.

Crepes @ Pike Place

I was going through my photos and trying to organize them when I came across these pictures I took when Mom Lynn was here in Seattle. We went to the market on a Friday morning and had crepes for lunch.

We had great seats next to the crepe stove and I captured the very professional crepe making process. You can view them here.

The slideshow presents the making of a savory crepe filled with cheese, mushrooms, spinach and ham. We had to order a dessert one with strawberries and pastry cream as pictured here.

Chonga Bagel + more

My favorite thing to eat in the mornings is a Chonga bagel with cream cheese. As far as I can tell, there are poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and cheese baked on these bagels. Perfectly savory for my mornings.

Other news: Cut+Paste shop is open again. I still think Jenny has a wonderful shop and now she is dedicating her creative juices to it full-time. Go support her.

Heidi Swanson of 101CookBooks.com shares her favorite summer cookbooks on NPR here.

And, how can you not love Dwell’s new bedding collection?


And one more thing, come to mama! One can dream, yah?

Philly Cheesesteak

Last evening, Mike and I had a little midweek date at Philly Fevre – the oldest Philly Cheesesteak shop here in the Northwest. It’s on our way home from work so we decided to eat there. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a good cheesesteak!



There are several different versions of hoagies here and you should definitely try them out.