Tutta Bella

I know I’ve blogged about my favorite pizza place many times before but last night, I had my camera with me so I took a few pictures of the deliciousness. Pretty soon, we will be less than a mile away from it. Yay!

Carta da Musica (Flatbread)

Pizza del giorno
With proscuitto, mushrooms, basil,
mozarella, slivered garlic and signature sauce

Coffee for dessert, next time I’ll show you the tiramisu

Mike and I typically share a salad (Salerno is our favorite) and a pizza (Tutta Bella is our favorite), then follow up with the homemade tiramisu. You get your coffee free when you order dessert. I hear that the gelato is really good too.

Tutta Bella also does carry-out.

Tutta Bella Pizzeria
4918 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
Mon-Sat 11-10 :: Sunday 3-9

“What’s For Lunch” Tuesday

I’ve been meaning to start this little meme where you tell me what you had for lunch today. I figured that it would be a good way for folks to get ideas for their own lunch. Folks who shared the last time, feel free to contribute again!

So, what are you going to have/had for lunch today?

I am going to have me a seafood salad sandwich from Subway, with banana peppers, tomatoes and jalapenos. I’ll have a cup of English Breakfast tea and a Fuji Apple.

Saigon Bistro

With a longer commute home, Mike and I have time to decide what we want to eat for dinner. Both of us wanted something quick, delicious and easy. It wasn’t a day in the week that we wanted to be making something elaborate so we went out for banh mi sandwiches.

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese style deli sandwich. Its baguette form is definitely due to the French influence in Vietnam. I just love how the texture of the bread is so fine and soft. And the contrast of marinated grilled meat, sweet pickles, and mayonaise/butter makes such a complete sandwich.

Seattle has many banh mi offerings down on Jackson St but we picked out Saigon Bistro since it was recommended.

We both ordered banh mi thit nuong [Grilled Pork], some sardine fresh rolls and a scrummy coconut dessert with yam, tapioca and sweet potatoes [my Singaporean readers will know it as Bobo Cha Cha].

Banh Mi

Fresh Rolls

Our bill came up to $6.75 – a hawker center price tag.

** Singapore readers, you can get your banh mi fix here.

Hakka Restaurant

One of the first restaurants we tried when we first arrived in Seattle is Doong Kong Lau. They are a Hakka Chinese restaurant with down-to-earth owners and just delicious home-cooked meals. Service is ever friendly.

The restaurant is away from its peers in the International District but the extra mile is worth travelling. I would do anything for Kau Yuk (a pork belly dish braised with preserved vegetables). We usually go there for dinner but since we were supposed to make ourselves scarce for the open house of the townhome we’re renting, we left early for dim sum.

Recently, they were also featured as a restaurant to look out for, in the Seattle Magazine Best Restaurants issue.

Here are pictures of our meal:

Soy Bean Milk with Yu Tiao aka Chinese donuts

Veggie Potstickers

Siew Mai – pork dumplings

Clarification: I just wanted to update this post. The dim sum seen here is definitely not Hakka per se. There are some Hakka favorites to be had at this restaurant though and I’ve blogged about them before but here they are: Salted Baked Chicken, Stuffed Tofu (Yong Tau Foo), Duck stuffed with sweet rice, Steamed Pork Hash with Salted Fish and Kau Yuk (Pork Belly braised with preserved vegetables), to name a few.

Frites & Volunteer Park

An early day on a Friday is just the best thing. I left work at about 1pm and went to meet Mike. We hopped over to Caffe Vita for an americano, to pass some time before Frites opened at 3pm.

The last time I had pomme frites was in Montreal, a few summers ago. I’m so glad we found pomme frites right here in Seattle. Nestled between Neumo’s 2 entrances, this is a no-nonsense frites place. Lovers of the tuber, you cannot miss this. Amazingly good fries, crispy in the right places, served up with your choice of sauces. We picked the garlic aioli, fritesaus, curry ketchup [I really like this], adobo mayo and poblano ranch. All delicious. Mike couldn’t keep his hands off them [see pic].



Cindy F, when you come visit us, I’m afraid you might consider marrying the frites guys! 😉

Agua Verde

A couple of weeks ago, my team at work celebrated quarterly birthdays at Agua Verde Paddle Club & Cafe near UW. It’s right on the water and I knew I had to take Mike back there.


The sun was still quite high in the sky and the weather was spectacular yesterday. We got some great seats, overlooking the water, on a little private corner of the deck. Perfect way to end a long day. Of course, the margaritas also helped.



They serve some really delicious fish tacos – you can choose from halibut [mero], cod [bacalao] to salmon. Mike ordered the mero and I ordered the dinner special of the day – Carne asada a la Tampiquena. The meat was so well seasoned and perfectly grilled. What stood out was their flavorful guacamole.

Carne asada

Mero Tacos

Market & Etta’s

Mom Lynn was in town to visit us so I took Friday off and we spent the first part of the day at the market [Pike’s Place]. It was a rainy day but it didn’t stop us from roaming the shops – the flowers, the fruits and veggies, the meat, the seafood, cheese, and of course, freshly made crepes. But that is a whole other post.

Flowers of spring

All sorts of fruits & veggies


Meats @ DeLaurenti’s
We got some Salumi salami – absolutely flavorful!

Congee (Tjok) Meal

One of our favorite things to do for dinner when we don’t have a lot of time is to go to Ocean City and order roast duck to go. They have the best duck I’ve ever had in Seattle – well-seasoned, crispy skin and tender juicy meat. So after our home buying class yesterday evening, we headed to ID for some roast duck. When we got home, we made up some rice congee [tjok, chook] to go with it. Rice is good accompaniment too.


We decided on congee soon enough to order some Chinese donut/yu tiao/you zha gwai [as Meg talks about here and shares a really cool link on all forms of fried dough from around the world]


I made a little stirfry of Szechuan Veg and glass noodles and a Thai chili pepper. This goes well with rice congee since it’s spicy and salty. It’s a good idea to soak the Szechuan vegetable for about 30 mins before shredding it up for the stirfry or it might get a little too salty.


Adzuki Ice Cream

I love red bean paste and I think I get this from my mum. But the smoothness of red bean paste made from Adzuki beans are very different from those I had as a child. Adzuki is often used in Japanese cooking and are known to be the 2nd largest dried crop in their country.

The red beans we use in Singapore seem a little smaller and less round than Adzuki beans. Mum would boil them up like a dessert soup (hong tao sa), or you could find them in a paste that filled steamed buns (tao sa bao) or in pancakes or ice cream popsicles or agar. And a big one would be in shaved ice desserts like Ice Kacang or chendol. I’m probably just scratching the surface of possibilities.

Here’s what I bought at the store this weekend, Adzuki Ice Cream from the folks who also make good green tea or mango or plum ice cream.


Rocking Wok

We were craving some Taiwanese small plates so I found a review of Rocking Wok and knew this would be our chosen dining venue. Located across the street from Roosevelt High, this corner restaurant is a cozy space that serves up the real thing.


Clockwise from the top left, we had Taiwanese Meat Ball [a glutinuous rice cake wrapping itself around braised dried shitake and beef cubes drizzled with an orange tasting sauce], Crispy Smoked Duck [the meat was tender, salty and crispy all at once], Wontons in Chili [I made this dish before but this one has the perfect balance of salty, spicy and sour], Pickled Veggie Shredded Pork Noodles [the secret to this is the fried shallots in the broth] and Thousand Layer Pancake [very much like Roti Prata with white pepper or fivespice powder – next time we make curry, we’re going to come get some of their pancakes to accompany it].

I’m stuffed.