For those of you who enjoyed Gary Hustwit’s typography film Helvetica, he is releasing a new documentary about industrial design in 2009. It’s called Objectifed. I think this print is brilliant.

Read here for more information.

objectified screenprint

Stock Tank Planters

I have been wanting these stock tank planters for a long time but I never knew where we would put them. On some days, I just stare at my backyard, as if waiting for a spot to magically open up for me so I could run out and bring them home. I tried hard to avoid the urge to plop them down randomly in the middle of my backyard (which is what I did with a collapsible growbed because I couldn’t let another growing season go by without planting a raised bed) but now, I’m so glad that I waited for the right time and the right spot to place these. The front yard is a perfect place for them.

We found the right size tanks at a farm supply store (thanks Megan!) a while ago but I took a day off from work and we drove out to pick them up. We had to hire a van since they wouldn’t fit in Angpow; we also had to bring home an obscene amount of compost and peat. But oh that lovely black gold! Armed with the right drill, making holes on the tanks went pretty quickly for Mike. It took us some time to mix the compost and peat evenly and then came the real task – to decide what to plant in each tank.

Here’s what we have so far: one tank for ornamentals, one for edibles and one for herbs.

Stock Tank Planters

More pictures here at Flickr

Lizi Boyd

lizi boyd papers

For a long time in my life, I never noticed the people behind a piece of work. Now, I can’t help myself.

I have a sheet of gift wrap (bottom left – Winterberry) that I’ve framed up and today, I learned that it is the work of Lizi Boyd. She is a talented illustrator and I absolutely enjoy her botanical wrapping paper.

Margaret Muir

margaret muir bedding
I really enjoy receiving care packages from my girlfriends who live in other countries. A while ago, a package came from Singapore, filled with delicious goodies and thoughtful gifts. I stood in line at the busy post office at the end of a Friday and waited patiently for the box to be retrieved. Its heft ached my heart a little as I look at how much postage caused, but it also meant that it was filled with wonderful bits and bobs.

Amongst the bits and bobs that C always puts together, I noticed a brochure for Margaret Muir Bedding. The pieces are tastefully pretty and created with texture, color, interest and embroidery. I especially like this set in the picture that I’ve scanned for you here. I found a sprinkling of images on the site so you can see what other products are made. I also enjoy the “story” behind the company.

Thanks, C, the little things matter most.


helvetica poster

We saw this film earlier this year but couldn’t wait for the DVD to be released so that we can catch an extra 90 minutes of interviews about Helvetica. Mike calls me a type-nerd, which I take as a compliment.

Metro Maps

GI Metro Shirt

Just a couple of days ago, Mike showed me this cool tee design from Woot! – Woot! GI Metro Tee. He, of course, had to get one for himself.

On the same day, I heard an interview on NPR, with Mark Ovenden talking about his latest book called Transit Maps of the World. This time, I had to get my hands on one.

What a coincidence that we converged on transit maps! (I think it’s probably the same coincidence that brought us together.)