Elements of Living

A lunchtime walk to the bookstore reaped a little treat for me – the December issue of Elements of Living. I have not come across this magazine before and learned that it was launched recently. I browsed through the pages – it featured top designers, their inspirations and secret sources.

“…serves as a bridge between designers, homeowners and manufacturers, offering a wide array of inspired resources for great interiors, exteriors, landscapes and gardens.”– Elements of Living

Since I’m going through my own discovery of design and what inspires me, I thought this issue would be appropos.

Food-wise, I came back with a katsu chicken bento box from the nearby cafe. Scrummy.

Plume Pillows


I first heard about Amy Ruppel through Karen. I really love her mixed media art pieces and they are very popular. Everytime she has an online sale, they just fly off the shelf. She has now designed some adorable pillows for eleventwentyfive called Plume Pillows.

I’m also coveting Vessel’s Squat benches and cushions for my tea nook, which is still a work-in-progress.

And this small table by Context furniture will fit perfectly with the other pieces in that corner.