For mankind

in the shadow of the moonAfter a long and tiring week, we made our way to the movie theatre to watch this wonderful film by Ron Howard.

In the Shadow of the Moon was a wonderful collection of stories from the men who have travelled to the moon. I know it probably sounds like it’s no great feet now that we are in the 21st century but in the 1960s, men were not afraid to dream of it and risk their lives to get there.

It was most moving to see the world (not just one country) hold their breath for those first 3 men (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) as they move towards that new frontier and then witness all the cheering as they successfully landed on the moon and back to earth.

I rate this movie as a must-see.


Once the movie
I really want to see this film. I am always fascinated with how some people you meet along the way, albeit for a while, can make such a difference in your life.

The positive reviews and poignant soundtrack (listen to it at the link above) draw me in.

Goblet of Fire & a Pint


I can’t call myself a Harry Potter fan but so far, I’ve watched all the movies. I know it probably lacks the level of detail that the books have but that is a quest I will continue pursuing into my future. If I have to retire before I read those books, I will. I’m determined. What mostly amazes me is how JK Rowling could come up with the concept, the deeply woven plots and the intricate characters.

Last night, I experienced GOF and enjoyed it. Watching the characters grow up was comparable to experiencing your kids become young adults. You wish they would stay young forever. Personally, the googly eye exchanges between the girl and the boy were enough to transport me back to a time when those left me breathless. The chemistry between the characters had a depth not seen in the other movies, I guess that’s what happens when you work with the same folks time and again.

The movie was definitely more adult than its predecessors but the computer graphics were amazing.

One big peeve (and I’m not alone in this) was that Dumbledore was not quite the same as he was in the first 2 episodes. I think Richard Harris did a fabulous job. Michael Gambon was a little too forceful, he didn’t come across as a wiser wizard. At times he was almost careless.

My favorite part of the movie was when Harry asked Cho to the Yule ball and how she expressed how sorry she was that she had agreed to go with someone else. Katie does a wonderful job for a first movie.

On the whole, I enjoyed the film and I will keep watching the Potter movies.

Prior to the film, we had dinner at Gordon Biersch. The Hefeweizen and the garlic fries were good but the calamari and crab/artichoke dip were nothing to write home about. The calamari was not well seasoned and the dip was, well, not too dippy. In fact there was hardly any dip. It was served in a bread bowl that was not even soaked half way through. It also looked like the grated cheese on top was not melted at all.