Frijoles negros

Black beans simmering

I love beans. I love black beans the most. I take a can of black beans, add a minced/smashed clove of garlic, a few sprigs of coriander/cilantro, a sprinkling of Adobo seasoning and let it simmer for 15 minutes. I pour in all the liquid from the can so it thickens up. This is served with rice and some kind of meat. The other night it was fried pork chops.

The weatherman predicted rain today but the sun was a nice surprise. I went outside to weed and plant more annuals so that the front yard would get more color in the next few weeks.

Today’s bits:

The story of this loyal Akita, Hachikō brought tears to my eyes. The loyalty of this dog is so moving.

Love this font packaging for Eames Century Modern.

I think that these stainless steel windmills will look good just by the front door.

If I ever make it to Buenos Aires, this is where I would like to stay. Who wouldn’t want to stay at Home while in beautiful Palermo?

I have been wanting to make summer bunting for the patio and I think using oilcloth like this one is a good idea.

This is what summer is all about – sipping iced tea in one of these swings on a lovely beach home porch.



Most of yesterday was spent with K, house-hunting. What started out as lunch plans morphed into a very fun and busy day. She thanked me profusely for being flexible and spending the day but to me, it was easy to give my time to a friend who appreciated and respected my time. However, it got me thinking about how I am almost always happy to accommodate the people whom I care about. Was I born this way or did I practice personality yoga often in my life that I have become so ‘bendy’? I don’t know the answer to that but I think it is because I innately trust that the people whom I give this flexibility to, will never take advantage of it.

Today’s bits:

Although I don’t have a lot of greens to harvest yet, I love Willi’s 10 Simple Ways to Cook Greens post. I especially like the idea of a simple tart using the greens. Being Asian, I always turn to sautéing my greens. That’s delicious and easy but sometimes you just need new ideas.

I love my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster and since I am such a sucker for type, these tea towels appeal to me.

Another homemade ice cream company here that sells their ice cream at Seattle farmers markets – Half Pint Ice Cream. The Sweet Treats mobile carries their ice cream. I have not had a chance to try them yet. I have yet to try Parfait as well which sells their ice cream in a mobile.

I cannot live without my Envirosax. I have used them for groceries, shopping and even the beach. But here’s a cute alternative – furoshiki.

I got to know West Seattle quite a bit recently, here are some businesses that caught my eye – Fleurt Studio, I have a weakness for floral displays in windows and The Swinery, everyone should have a sustainable butcher in their neighborhood.

You all know that I love my paper – here is a book I am looking forward to, Paper + Craft. Here’s a little sneak peek into some projects the book will offer.

I am in the market for some good outdoor lounge chairs – these handmade deck chairs by Gallant + Jones fit the bill, I think. (via Design*Sponge)

Be back in a bit

I’m going to be away from the blog for a while (yes, I know, it’s not like I’ve been here that much either) because I will be busy with some work stuff. I’ll be back soon. Promise.

In the meantime, here’s a fun little shot of the kids and me at a lovely backyard wedding.

With the kids

Outdoor Table

I have been on the look-out for an outdoor dining table that would match these chairs I got at the last DWR sale.


I found this one on Habitat. Don’t ask me why I’m browsing at a store that does not have a US location. I admit that any pain from seeing something I want is self-inflicted. I just love their designs and style. During our trip to Spain, I remember making everyone walk through the store with me and the only things I could bring back were the linen pillow cases.

To me, this would be the perfect table to complement my chairs. Sigh.


Retro Movie Night


Before summer leaves us, I thought it would be fun to go to a drive-in theater. There is one not too far from where we live so we decided that we would go. We watched a double bill feature – Pineapple Express and Stepbrothers. Both were hilarious and we had a great time!

We arrived shortly before the gates opened and did not have to wait long to get in. All we needed was a blanket, some pillows, sodas, snacks and an AM radio. I was hoping that they still used those old style drive-in speakers but they didn’t. Instead, we had to attach a speaker wire to our car radio antenna.  The sound was clear enough but there was some disturbance form another wave length. A little distracting at times but I was too nostalgic about the whole thing to bother.

I don’t know if we will be able to go to the drive-in before the season ends but I think it will be such a fun summer activity and hope to enjoy it while these places still exist.

First Harvests

Ambassador Zucchini

We have 3 Ambassador Zucchini plants and so far, we have harvested 6 zucchini/squash/courgettes of about 4-6″ long. I like to harvest them at that size because they are still tender and tasty. These are my first zucchini plants and I think the bush habit of these are great for a smaller space.

First Sweet 100's

Two weeks ago, I thought my tomato plant was going to give up its ghost and join my previous sad tomato plants but look what I found today – my first Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. Next year, I’m trying this contraption – Wall O’ Water Plant Protector.

Moon Chimes


Aren’t these moon chimes pretty against the dark wood siding of the house in the picture? I love the contrast. I would get them for Scarlett but I am not sure where they would go. Until I figure that out, I thought I would share them with you.