O Summer

We had delicious burgers and fries at Five Guys last week, just before we saw Toy Story 3. What a fun night!

Today’s bits:

I decided on this shower curtain for the new walls in the master bath. It is making the bath look quite masculine. I think I just need some happy yellow daisies in there to make it look like a girl lives here.

Dinner swaps/cooking co-ops – what a creative fun idea to make dinner one night for several families to pick up and then enjoy the delicious dinners for another couple of nights during the week from your swap families. It makes me want to start one.

I am a big Nigella fan and when she loves something, I’m always quick to pay attention. I think she has great taste. She recommends this chic new book by her art director/book designer, called The Geometry of Pasta. I am a believer that any shape pasta can be paired with any sauce but this book tells you what goes with what.

My favorite thing to eat is shokupan しょくぱん (Japanese white bread). I like it plain, or with butter & a sprinkle of sugar, or some kaya (pandan coconut jam) or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Kitchen Window Sill

Ever since I realized that we won’t be moving for a while, I have always tried to keep up with my decluttering projects. I just do not want to end up with too much stuff over time. Like almost every other person, I like stuff. I find it, I buy it, I don’t know where to put it. Today I finally finished sorting through the boxes that I brought home with me after I left my job. It took me a while to figure out where all these work things would go. I did not want to fill my workspace at home with these things so I had to take a brutal approach. There was much to recycle and discard.

Here is an interesting link to some instructions on how to tackle decluttering your home. Unclutterer is a great resource for organization.

Today’s bits:

How about these nesting Russian Babushka glasses?

You might have already heard of these guys who make excellent affordable Pinot Noirs in Sonoma – Banshee Wines. I have not tried it but I heard from reliable sources that it should not be missed.

I always enjoy a good ice cream sandwich, both the American version where you have two cookies sandwich some ice cream as well as the Singapore one where you get scoops of ice cream in a slice of bread. I have to say I love the latter version, what can I say, I’m biased to memories and tastes of my youth. Still, these farm animal ice cream sandwich molds are really cute.

Run, don’t walk, to Geraldine’s Counter in Columbia City for their sweet potato fries. Heavenly, crispy, orange and sweet!

I think these reusable sandwich bags are a good idea, especially if you send kids to school with plastic sandwich bags that they just toss. These also seem really easy to make at home, all your crafties!

Elusive Star

That elusive star in the sky that we call the sun is finally showing its face here. It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day. It is also somewhat significant but more on that later. Temperatures are rising as I type – can’t wait to spend some time outside today. Enjoy the weekend, everyone and if you’re a football fan, have fun watching the games!

Today’s bits:

In the last year, I have been interested in cord/leather bracelets. This one with gold plated beads woven in between caught my eye the other day. I like the name too – nugget.

I like the wood prints at Petit Collage, especially the owl ones. Their new city prints are really tempting. It’s San Francisco too, you all know that city has my heart.

How about these cute robot pillow cases?

This morning, I think I’m making Nigella’s Doughnut French Toast since I have fresh strawberries I can use to make a nice sauce. Either that or a little pink strawberry smoothie to go with plain doughnut french toast.



Most of yesterday was spent with K, house-hunting. What started out as lunch plans morphed into a very fun and busy day. She thanked me profusely for being flexible and spending the day but to me, it was easy to give my time to a friend who appreciated and respected my time. However, it got me thinking about how I am almost always happy to accommodate the people whom I care about. Was I born this way or did I practice personality yoga often in my life that I have become so ‘bendy’? I don’t know the answer to that but I think it is because I innately trust that the people whom I give this flexibility to, will never take advantage of it.

Today’s bits:

Although I don’t have a lot of greens to harvest yet, I love Willi’s 10 Simple Ways to Cook Greens post. I especially like the idea of a simple tart using the greens. Being Asian, I always turn to sautéing my greens. That’s delicious and easy but sometimes you just need new ideas.

I love my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster and since I am such a sucker for type, these tea towels appeal to me.

Another homemade ice cream company here that sells their ice cream at Seattle farmers markets – Half Pint Ice Cream. The Sweet Treats mobile carries their ice cream. I have not had a chance to try them yet. I have yet to try Parfait as well which sells their ice cream in a mobile.

I cannot live without my Envirosax. I have used them for groceries, shopping and even the beach. But here’s a cute alternative – furoshiki.

I got to know West Seattle quite a bit recently, here are some businesses that caught my eye – Fleurt Studio, I have a weakness for floral displays in windows and The Swinery, everyone should have a sustainable butcher in their neighborhood.

You all know that I love my paper – here is a book I am looking forward to, Paper + Craft. Here’s a little sneak peek into some projects the book will offer.

I am in the market for some good outdoor lounge chairs – these handmade deck chairs by Gallant + Jones fit the bill, I think. (via Design*Sponge)


Raised veg bed

Thank you all for the encouraging support for my return to blogging. I have to thank my muse, wherever you are, it’s like I woke up one morning and I found my voice again.

After some hide-and-seek with Mr Sun yesterday, I was able to get outside to plant my tomato and squash starts as well as mint pots. I also planted some annuals. I cannot wait to enjoy the summer garden.

Every year, Mike and I talk about how we will have an ideal backyard one day but it’s been five years here at Scarlett and every year, it’s been a pleasure watching it evolve. I love my backyard. I know the history of what’s growing in it – who put it there (mostly, damn those self seeders!), what it is and what it likes. I don’t miss the lawn and am still proud of the stone patio we built even though I still can’t figure out what works best for in between the stones (this year, I’m trying corsican mint groundcover). I’m so excited to see how it will look this year.

Today’s bits:

For R, Molly Moon now has a mobile truck. I hope they hit our area some time.

There is new mobile dessert truck too – Street Treats, serving up cookies, bars, ice cream and pie. I am loving these mobile food trucks.

It is the season for garden tours. I am looking forward to the Rainier Valley Garden tour as they will be focusing on sustainability.

I wear indoor flip flops around the house but these felt house slippers that Molly made are adorable. I love the big felt button and just the simple lines.

Check out Sasha Prood’s Plant Type (top), amongst her other cool pieces.

These recycled tie accessories by Narwal Co. are a brilliant use of good quality ties that may have a tiny red wine stain on them.

When the sun comes out, I’d love to have one of these linen towels to lay out on. Beach towels just catch too much sand. I hope their stripey colored ones come back in stock again. They really remind me of the Mediterranean.



Being home these days means I get to have a leisurely breakfast. I am able to fix up something healthy and well-balanced. This usually consists of some protein like an egg or bacon or sausage, carbs like a slice of toast, pita bread, tortilla; and a fruit/veg like cherries, strawberries (which are really good this year), mango, bell pepper, avocado, tomato. A cup of milky tea (still hanging on to my Singaporean beverage – Teh C because if I can’t have everything from there, I’m holding on to this), some soy milk or plantation iced tea (thanks Reid, for the reminder!).

I have never been able to eat well-balanced breakfasts on weekdays when I was working. When I start work again, I have to find a way to still eat like that.

Greenview Restoran @ Petaling Jaya

A long awaited food post!

First of all, I’m settling back in Scarlett. I’ve missed her but I wouldn’t trade the trip home for anything. It was a superb time, a little eye-opening at times but I cherish all of it.

While I was home, my cousin K planned a really fun road trip up to KL and Malacca (Melaka). The 7 of us hopped in a minivan and off we went. The most fun times were those on the road – when you’re in a vehicle together, you are almost forced to interact or you could just snooze.

Some big thanks to Chowhound, I was able to point us in the right direction during meal times. One of the more memorable meals was this one at Greenview. It’s in Petaling Jaya just outside of KL but we got lost in the dark and it took us quite a while to find the place. In the end, it was still worth it, the food was delicious and fellow road trippers went home with happy tummies.

Here’s what we had:

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Sang Hang Meen (Prawn Noodles) – the prawns were huge and so good, and that eggy gravy, scrummy!

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Baby Romaine Lettuce sauteed in Fu Yu (Fermented Bean Curd) – new favorite veggie dish

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Homemade Tofu – looks plain but very flavorful

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Marmite Pork Ribs – who knew Marmite could do such wonders?

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Honey Squid – perfectly sweet and salty.

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Salted Egg Crab – so rich and delicious.

Greenview Restaurant

No. 6 & 8 Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya
Hrs: 11am to 11pm