This one goes out…

…to all the Fathers in the world! Especially my own Da and all the other fathers I know – my uncles, my brother and my cousins.


A Day to Celebrate!

Today is the 21st day in the fifth month of the year Two Thousand and Three. It is also the 29th anniversary of the day my dearest husband and friend came into this world. (Sorry hun, age doesn’t matter to men yah?)

I know it is his birthday but I have more cause to celebrate it, because his existence makes my life so much richer and whole. It is also the first birthday we celebrate together. Last year, he was away in the field training and I was back in Singapore, awaiting INS’ decree.

Because Mike loves his geek toys so much, it was easy for me to get him the perfect birthday gift. I got him one of these babies and he loves it. Every night before bed, he sets our sleepytime-music and wakeup-to music and says this: “This is the coolest thing ever in the history of cool things!”

I guess I do get to use the iPod too since we plug it into our bedroom speakers and into Ang Pow when we take our road trips. This weekend when we travel to Texas, it’s going to be in his good hands for the flight – we’ll just take our own earbuds each.

I’m a fool about receiving real cards… to Mike, I think that an e-card is just as great as long as I meant the words in them. In addition to writing him a nice e-card, I’m giving him a subdomain of his own on our Internet real estate. It’s for his new blog. (Sheesh, what does it take for him to keep blogging!?!?!?)

Anyhow, Happy Birthday to my man, Mike! Wo Ai Ni!

Memory Lane

I saw this on Singapore’s Straits Times today. I noticed this article too late to bid for any of the road signs but what Sumiko Tan talks about, how each street has a private meaning for a lot of us who live in Singapore, is true. I can name so many streets that have so many wonderful memories.

“Eng Kong Place” – the street on which I grew up, from the time I could remember things (about age 3) till I turned 16. Then we moved to another estate much closer to downtown. EKP was a good street for children to grow up, there were other children and lots of room to run around. There was a field across our home where towering Angsana trees grew. It was home.

“Chestnut Drive” – the slopey road that my Primary school was on. It had its own moments: crossing it carefully to get to the church on the other side, running down the slope to look for tadpoles in the drains and sneaking up to the corner store to get a slice of preserved mango!

“Gentle Road” – where we lived when I was 16, till last year. I made the most significant memories there. Even friends who found out that I moved, declared how much they would miss visiting me there. We had Junior College memories, University memories and even when I worked, I entertained my colleagues at home. I miss Gentle Road and its wonderful stories. It was there someone first walked me home.

They are changing these street signs to green and white ones. Much like those I see here in the States. I will miss those old street signs, like I missed those from before which had zipcodes on them.

Maybe I’ll learn to attach myself to street signs here too, as we make our memories here.

Singapore by Mike

I just want to link you to a post of my husband’s. He talks about Singapore, he really enjoyed his visit last January. I think if he didn’t have army commitments, he would have stayed longer than a month!

Good weekend

This weekend was my first one off from work. It seemed to pass by quickly but I did all I set out to do – went swimming with Mike and Da; went grocery shopping; to mass and more shopping with Ma.

I also started my embroidery project, inspired by designs from Sublime Stitching. I am making a little surprise for someone.

Also, I’ve started to iron my linens with scented laundry water, considering all the new cleaning and laundry products they have these days. I bought Mrs Meyers Ironing Water. They ran out of lavender so I got lemon verbena. My linens will be lovely smelling soon!

Mrs Meyers Ironing Water

From Megan’s post on all things Pink Grapefruit, I found a Martha Stewart Pink Grapefruit candle at KMart today… and also Pink Grapefruit Foaming Cleanser from DDF {Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula}

My list of never-ending wants.

Green Fingers?

After doing some reading on starting my own indoor herb garden, Mike and I headed out to the local gardening center. We decided to grow our herbs from seeds as there wasn’t a very good number of herbs plants in the store. (We did find a Lemon Thyme which smells glorious… and looks good for the pruning!) The garden will be in the kitchen, planted in a strawberry pot. Will try to post pictures once it’s done.

Having moved from a tropical climate, this is the first time I’m trying my hand at growing herbs. I’ve grafted Thai basil from actual basil bought in the store and that grew pretty well. Picked out some African Violets and found a lovely terracota pot with Bali styling. I’m trying my best to describe it… please be patient for pics.

While shopping for gardening stuff, we decided to pick up a bird feeder to hang outside the trees near our sun room windows. We’ve been seeing many different songbirds flying by. The other day, we even found a wood howl. It stayed for a long while as I watched it. Being close to nature is underrated…you think?


I love elephants. I am not sure when the fascination began in my life but if you asked me to pick my favorite animal, it will always be the elephant. Elephants are the epitome of gentleness. I know you might ask why not something that I could keep as a pet (without moving to Africa or India) or something I can even put my arms around… I’m not sure. They are majestic yet not ferocious.

With this elephant fascination, I collected a couple of things here and there to fuel the passion. Most recently I found a box of elephant greeting cards designed by Koco NY. Check it out. I have a collection of Janeen’s cards…I enjoy keeping them as well as sending them out… their distinctive square shape which Hallmark took on for its modern Fresh Ink set of cards…and her use of colors and carefully selected meaningful quotes.

Maybe an excuse to buy this vintage style wire rack to display my collection?

Moroccan intrigue

We’ve been looking for a nightstand for our guest bedroom. My parents are coming to visit us and we thought it would be nice to have more than just the bed and lamps in the room. For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of a theme for the room. Most of the home is in a Zen, minimalist style with touches of the Asian/Oriental. Perhaps it’s me trying to remember my roots since moving to the US.

I’m thinking of a Moroccan wooden tea table. Mosaic is a little too patio-style for the room. Been looking at this one at Urban Outfitters. There are several on ebay but I prefer the wood to not be painted. We’ll see how that goes…