December Rewind

I wanted to do a quick rewind for December since I completely forgot about posting. I post more frequently on Instagram and Twitter. It’s just much easier to snap and post with my new iPhone 6s Plus. I wasn’t sure if I wanted such a big phone but now that I have it, I am so happy with it.

Work kept me busy as usual but the last 2 weeks were a little slower since most people were out on vacation.

The first weekend saw us celebrating our 13 years together at a winery in Quincy WA. It was such a fun time to spend with only each other – wine tasting, hot stone massages and a languorous dinner with more wine.

Vines resting for the wintertime #stefmike13

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I actually returned to the kitchen quite a bit too. I haven’t really been cooking as much in the last 2 years. I still do simple meals but nothing elaborate. I have not been inspired. This past month, the baking bug bit me. I made peanut butter cookies, coconut macaroons and bacon gingersnaps. All delicious if I might say so myself.

Bacon Fat Gingersnaps, thanks to @seriouseats

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We celebrated our first Feast of Seven Fishes. It was our excuse to eat good seafood on Christmas Eve. We made chorizo-stuffed squid, smoked oyster pate, smoked salmon canapés, seared scallops, baked shrimp scampi, Dungeness crab and black-bean sautéed Manila clams. SO good!

Christmas morning was filled with Sagan’s excitement. He is really into Christmas. It’s the perfect age. The rest of the time was quiet but staying in pajamas, listening to music, and watching movies made it perfect.

Then we went and watched the new Star Wars movie. I am still reeling from it. I felt like an 8 year old all over again.

Last night was another New Year’s Eve that we stayed in. However, there were no fireworks audible in our new place. That was refreshing. I kissed Mike just before midnight and just before we fell asleep, Sagan woke with complaints of growing pains. Poor little guy. (He’s fine now, it just comes occasionally in the night)

I think that brings us up to today, Jan 1 2016. Happy New Year, my friends! So far today, I’ve gone to the grocery store so we can have some good eats this weekend, undressed the Christmas tree and put away the decorations. Now I’m sitting down to finish up this post and continue binge-watching “How to Get Away with Murder”.

HAPPY 2016! This year, I seek to LIVE, LEARN and LOVE!


Lately, almost everyone I meet is reminding me to enjoy the rest of summer; that pretty soon, we will miss these long sun-filled days. Honestly, I am ready for the cool evenings of fall. Is it possible to be sunned-out? I guess having spent 20-something years of my life in a tropical isle with endless sunshine has made me an autumn lover. Still, my meditative practice reminds me that I should embrace life as it unfolds. So, summer, I’m happy you are still here!

I have a few more things that I would like to do this summer:

  • Go for a hike
  • Pack a picnic in a park
  • Go to Portland for some gastronomic adventure that includes ice cream and Thai food

In the meantime, Sagan is spending a week away from preschool while his Mimi is here. He is definitely enjoying his summer. I hope he makes all sorts of wonderful memories that we can revisit when he grows up.

Here he is, exhausted from a fun day exploring science.




Long Weekend

New summer sandals

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I am so happy that I extended my long weekend by taking an extra day off yesterday. Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of the many moves we had earlier in the year. My body was begging for rest. I complied and went shopping, thus the Instagram.

I’ve been listening to the Mystery Show podcast, thanks to Kate! Loved it so much that I listened to all the episodes in one day. Now I have to wait…

Also really enjoying Crime Writers on Serial. If you listened to Serial Season 1 and like me, have been caught up in this case, you would like this podcast and of course, the very detailed Undisclosed. These podcasts turn my 40 minute bus-ride into a flash!

I downloaded a new (to me!) book that comes highly recommended by a blog friend who prides herself on living life to the fullest.

Loving watermelon, iced coffees, brie on crackers and late night catch-up chats with Mike.

My Favorite Daddies

This is very much belated but every day should be a day when we appreciate the fathers in our lives.

You know that I can easily go on and on about my da (gosh, I miss him all the time), about his great stories and his infectious laughter and his big heart. I was sad that I couldn’t tell him how much I appreciate all he has done for me so I let Father’s Day slip by for me.

I wanted to post this because I think today is as good as any to be thankful for the dads in my life.


I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us.
We are formed by little scraps of wisdom
.” ― Umberto Eco

2 years + 81 days


My dear boy,

I can’t believe how time flies every day and no matter how much I remind myself, I am still afraid that I forget to be grateful to be your momma. Some nights when I’m tired from a day of keeping up with you or exasperated by your obsession with your cars, I still find myself looking back at pictures that I have taken of you. I marvel at how quickly you learn and how you don’t want to be a baby anymore. You are only 2, my son, slow down a little.

You started carrying around your Lightning McQueen backpack a couple of weeks ago. You pile all of your cars into it and try with all your might to put it on your back. You funnily call it your “hand bag”.

Some of your favorite things to eat are bacon, sausage, chicken wings, curry, mushrooms and prawns. You love prawns. Just like I do. And you seem to be hungry a lot these days. I don’t think that 11 hours of sleep would leave anyone THAT hungry when they wake from it. Especially if they ate well just before they went to bed.

You are definitely honing your negotiation skills. With words and mostly, with the sprawl-on-floor-leg-kicking trick.

You put on your own boots, albeit mostly on the wrong foot.

You call everyone buddy and are very polite, especially when someone brings you food – “Thank you, buddy! It’s lunch!”

You are definitely favoring your daddy these days and you don’t know how happy that makes me to see you two together. The two people that I love most in this world.

I know that I will not be able to remember everything, even if I write them all down but my boy, you can be sure that momma cherishes every moment that she shares with you.



Weeks during the summer seem to fly by more quickly than others. We are having a Seattle heat wave right now but it barely reaches 90 degrees, so no complaints! This year, we bought a portable air conditioning unit and it makes things so much better. We retreat into the bedroom early in the evening, usually after a post-workout shower. Cool air and rest after some hard work really feels good.

Last weekend, I celebrated a milestone birthday. The big 4-0. I didn’t feel traumatized. I actually felt invigorated and excited for the next decade. Honestly, I am in the best shape of my life. I have so much energy even with waking up once or twice a night for Sagan. He doesn’t keep me up but it’s sometimes hard to fall back to sleep. There is still quite a ways to go in terms of meeting my fitness goals but I feel so much stronger and fitter.

Mike and I also got done with our Whole30 this past week. It was a good challenge that we undertook together with some members of our Crossfit box. We were already on our primal way of eating but Whole30 was much stricter – no sugar, no alcohol and no dairy. I really missed my cheese. I didn’t miss my alcohol. I love a good cocktail but I did not feel deprived. Sometimes just having the option is enough for me.

Sagan turned one 2 weeks ago. He is already walking, my friends. Walking more than he crawls. How did he suddenly become a toddler? Such a big boy. He loves anything with wheels on them – trucks, cars, motorbikes, shopping carts and even garage doors. We does his rounds in the morning, opening and closing every cabinet door in my kitchen. He opens them, pulls out one or two things and then leaves them open. Most of the time, I just navigate around them and then do a little “closing” after he’s done his rounds and goes off in a different direction. I do this a few times a day. He loves to eat eggs, cheese, sausage, hamburgers, applesauce, peaches, blueberries, oatmeal, yogurt, crackers and dried apricots. He is starting to transition to cow’s milk but is still nursing in the evenings and before naps. He still is not a fan of sleeping in. He wakes up by 5.30am, raring to go. Just like someone I know, someone he calls “da-dee”. He says quite a few words now, like “da-dee”, “neh neh” (for milk or me), “ma ma” (for me or grandma – the tone is different), “pa pa” (for grandpa), “fow-fuh” (flower), “bot bot” (robot), “bux” (box), “drin drin” (rolling his Rs, when he wants some water) and “duck” (truck). He does love his daddy. I love to watch the both of them together – M would toss him in the air, hang him upside down and rough-house with him, S would just giggle and laugh with so much excitement. He drinks from a sippy cup or a Camelbak bottle. That way I don’t worry when I forget his cup. He can always take my Camelbak bottle. In fact, he prefers it. He just wants to be all grown up. I can go on and on about him but I have to go. He is being quiet and usually that means he’s having a moment that will require a diaper change or getting stuck in something.

We leave for our first family road trip tomorrow. Just a weekend to Portland where delicious eats await. Can you say Pok Pok? And Salt & Straw? Also, since S goes down to bed early in the evening, we’re packing a lovely indoor picnic when we get there. I hear the charcuterie at Olympic Provisions are to die for. Meat, cheese, olives, wine and some fruit. Perfect summery fare.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

40 weeks

Happy Friday! He’s not here yet but he will be here this weekend. We are heading to the hospital tonight to start the process. The induction process is highly frowned up by mothers who prefer a natural process but we have to do this, for medical reasons. Docs won’t let me keep him in there for more than 40 weeks with my gestational diabetes. Contractions are few and far between for me but I feel him descending lower into his exit space. That is encouraging. At this point, I just want to hold him and see his beautiful face. I know that we can never predict how we would react until we are in a certain situation and anticipating this “falling in love” is heady enough for me. Even more so, I am looking forward to seeing how M will respond to his arrival. It will be magical.

The nursery is ready even though he will be in our room for a while. His little swing is waiting by the front windows downstairs in the living room, soaking up the summer rays. Still, it’s almost too difficult to imagine him in our lives. It’s surreal.

It looks like summer is really getting into Seattle this week. I am grateful for good weather. And when I’m laboring for this little guy’s arrival, I will make it a point to look outside and be thankful that we would be able to share the lovely weather together.

Recently, we have started to get to know our neighbors on our little short street much better. We had an impromptu get-together at a nearby pub one Saturday evening and then a pot luck dinner a few weeks ago. We are lucky to have these neighbors – all very lovely people and supportive in their own ways. It makes me proud to live on this street. Also, baby boy S will have little friends to run around with. H is 2 and C is 1. Occasionally, R comes to visit with his grandma and he’s 2.5.

I’ve been off work for about 10 days and I do miss it. I know that I’ll get used to it.

Check out this cute bag from Zakka Noveau.

How about these cute little boots from Bloesemshop?

Oh, this is such a cool app – Letter M Press – for the iPad.

The folks’ property has a nice sturdy foundation in place now. Soon, they will start framing the house.

I just wanted to give you an update on how things are over here at Scarlett…soon there will be some very tired people and a really tiny new member of the family. We promise news as soon as we get it. xo

Our little change

Alright now, you can stop guessing. We are pregnant. Well, I am. Mike is just along for the ride. We are nervous and overjoyed and excited all at once. We have talked about this many times before but now that it is really happening, we stand in awe.

I have been really tired and sleeping alot since this started. But magically as I started this new week, I have new found energy. That is a good thing since there is a lot to be planned for, talked about and done.  The most exciting project for me would be the nursery but you already knew that! I’m looking forward to some sewing projects and crafty fun as well.

We saw our little one 3 weeks ago and it was most wiggly. That is not a surprise considering that it has Mike’s genes.

I just wanted to share this news with you, my dear friends. Believe me, it was hard to sit on my hands and not write this post. I have one more close friend to tell and I hope she doesn’t read this before we talk soon.

I already feel the change in me, thinking about all things baby but I promise that I will still share things I enjoy, like good food, crafty ideas, decorating tips, movies, books, music and even more. I won’t deny that the little one will come up quite a bit because I know I won’t be able to help it.

Won’t you join me on this journey as we welcome this little change into our lives?