Oh My

All the sleep deprivation in the world is made better when I see this face.  I do miss my sleep. Before Sagan, I was the type of person who needed her 8 hours.  You see, I have a really active dream life (read: a lot happens, many people show up in them and I remember them clearly) and if I don’t get my 8 hours, I will feel utterly unrested.  Now, even though I only get a couple of hours here and there, I still have the same vivid dreams.  Thus, on most mornings at 6.30am, you’ll find me quite a zombie.  But how can you get frustrated with a face like this one?

He is growing like a weed.  Two weeks ago at his 2-month well-baby check, he weighed in at almost 13lb. I’m willing to bet that he is almost 15lb right now.  I really hope my arm strength will catch up with his growth rate.  I don’t know how folks can pick up their toddlers but if they can, I probably should be able to, eventually.

It’s almost time to think about going back to work. Most mothers go back to work after 12-16 weeks. I am, however, in a unique position where I have to find a new job.  The last one was only a contract position.  I know that it’s going to be difficult for me to go back to a full-time work schedule or to keep the schedule I had before.  I am going to want to have time for the boy because I would hate to miss those milestones.  I feel lucky that we can afford for me to spend the rest of the year at home, I am truly  grateful for this time off. I hope the new year brings new opportunities that will allow me to work fewer hours.

By the way, it is my favorite time of the year – fall.  I love all the smells, colors and tastes.  I’ve baked 3 pumpkin pies in the last week and I have to say that adding 2 tbsp of brandy to your pumpkin pie filling makes your pie taste deeeeeee-leeeee-cious!  I blind-bake store-bought crusts, follow the recipe on the Libby’s can except for the brandy and an extra pinch of nutmeg.  Next on my list, sweet potato pie.

I’ve also been enjoying some cocktails lately but nothing says colder weather like a Dark & Stormy. Spicy ginger beer with spicy dark rum. Ooh la la!

Other exploits in the kitchen – Buffalo Wings and Yong Tau Foo.  The latter is tofu/tofu puffs stuffed with a fish meat paste and steamed.  You can it in a clear broth that contains soy beans or you can have it with hoisin sauce and chili sauce on rice vermicelli (bee hoon).

I’m looking forward to making more stews and definitely try my hand at braising.

On the creative front, I’m trying to find some time to sew more burp cloths and maybe a pair of pants for the boy. We’ll see. Right now, I’m having fun checking out patterns and selecting cute fabric here, here and of course, on Etsy.

8 weeks

My darling little boy is 8 weeks old now. I cannot believe that so much time has passed. It felt like a really long time when I waited for his arrival in those last few weeks and suddenly, he is all of 2 months old.

Those of you who are friends with me on FB have been bombarded with constant updates and pictures but I realized that I haven’t had the chance to update my blog for over a month.

We’ve had visits from friends and family. We’ve ventured out as a little family to the farmer’s market. We’ve taken some fairly long drives to the East side. We’ve changed hundreds of diapers. We’ve shared as many tickles, cuddles and kisses, maybe even more. We’ve had many firsts with Sagan and are anticipating so many more wonderful times.

He is such a sweet kid. Always a trooper. He does have a little bit of a temper but it only shows up when he does not get to his food fast enough. Other than that, we have no complaints. He is low maintenance.

As for me, I’m tired. Not as tired as those early weeks. I’d like to think that I’m getting the hang of this but it’s just as likely that the little one is starting to sleep more hours. In other news, I am slowly finding my way back to the kitchen. All thanks to Nigella Kitchen episodes! While nursing, I turned to my trusty new iPad and caught all the Nigella Kitchen episodes on YouTube. So far, I’ve made her Spanish Chicken recipe as well as the Pantry Paella. The Spanish Chicken was delicious but the paella recipe needed a little bit more liquid (half a cup or so) for the rice to cook thoroughly. Also, cooking it with the lid on helped. Tonight, I’m planning to make her Chicken and Forty Cloves (of garlic).

I wanted to leave you with a couple of interesting links I’ve encountered lately:

Hello World, it’s Sagan!

We are home with our little guy – meet Sagan Alexander. He has single-handedly rocked my world (as well as M’s).

He arrived on July 31, at 7lb 8.6 oz and 20″ long.

40 weeks

Happy Friday! He’s not here yet but he will be here this weekend. We are heading to the hospital tonight to start the process. The induction process is highly frowned up by mothers who prefer a natural process but we have to do this, for medical reasons. Docs won’t let me keep him in there for more than 40 weeks with my gestational diabetes. Contractions are few and far between for me but I feel him descending lower into his exit space. That is encouraging. At this point, I just want to hold him and see his beautiful face. I know that we can never predict how we would react until we are in a certain situation and anticipating this “falling in love” is heady enough for me. Even more so, I am looking forward to seeing how M will respond to his arrival. It will be magical.

The nursery is ready even though he will be in our room for a while. His little swing is waiting by the front windows downstairs in the living room, soaking up the summer rays. Still, it’s almost too difficult to imagine him in our lives. It’s surreal.

It looks like summer is really getting into Seattle this week. I am grateful for good weather. And when I’m laboring for this little guy’s arrival, I will make it a point to look outside and be thankful that we would be able to share the lovely weather together.

Recently, we have started to get to know our neighbors on our little short street much better. We had an impromptu get-together at a nearby pub one Saturday evening and then a pot luck dinner a few weeks ago. We are lucky to have these neighbors – all very lovely people and supportive in their own ways. It makes me proud to live on this street. Also, baby boy S will have little friends to run around with. H is 2 and C is 1. Occasionally, R comes to visit with his grandma and he’s 2.5.

I’ve been off work for about 10 days and I do miss it. I know that I’ll get used to it.

Check out this cute bag from Zakka Noveau.

How about these cute little boots from Bloesemshop?

Oh, this is such a cool app – Letter M Press – for the iPad.

The folks’ property has a nice sturdy foundation in place now. Soon, they will start framing the house.

I just wanted to give you an update on how things are over here at Scarlett…soon there will be some very tired people and a really tiny new member of the family. We promise news as soon as we get it. xo

34 weeks

Happy Friday!

Technically 6 more weeks to go before this little guy takes his first breath, ironically it will be while I hold mine watching him. I had a special treat this week. At a recent ultrasound, we got to see his little face. I think he has my cheeks. We’ll see. But just to see that face, that was enough. I really cannot imagine how I’ll react to meeting him in person.

Lately, I am trying to get as much rest or sleep as I can but it’s not easy to get comfortable. I keep telling myself that I can do it, after all so many other generations of women have done it.  I get breathless quickly, I can’t walk very fast or far, bending over is almost an ordeal, especially when I forget that I have this weight strapped to the front of me.

The baby shower last Sunday was wonderful. The ladies showered me with every type of good vibe and lots of laughter. They presented so many generous gifts and it got me thinking about what I still needed for baby. As a result I’ve been shopping for all the essentials. Once that big delivery arrives, we should be ready to welcome the boy.

In the meantime, I’m working hard to download as much work knowledge as possible before I leave this job. I am also listening to this cute album by Lori Henriques.

Also, even though I haven’t blogged too much about what I’ve been eating, I am eating good. I never eat bad with mum around. She made homemade soy milk this week and the taste of it transported me back in time. Yum.

I’m doing good and I hope that you are all well too. Until next week’s bump shot…be well!

32.5 weeks

I’m actually 33 weeks today but I took this pic a few days ago.  I was feeling a little tired that morning and I think I was coming down with a cold or allergies. My head now feels like it’s filled with cotton balls. I hope I feel better soon because I have a busy weekend ahead – birthing class, pick out new paint color for nursery and my baby shower! I’ve put together baby showers for my friends before but never have I thought that I would actually have one thrown for me. It will just be great to see some of the girls that I used to work with.

The little guy is still very active and every day he seems to get stronger. I have started going for weekly non-stress tests to monitor his heart rate/activity and he seems to be sneaky when we are monitoring him. He stays extra calm as if he doesn’t want to be heard. So to ensure that he “performs” correctly for the test, I had to tickle him. Still, because it was a morning test, he was not as active as he usually is at about 6 in the evening and throughout the night.  Anyhow he did respond when prodded so all is well.

Well, here I am, another week closer. It won’t be long now but that is what I’ll be saying for the next few weeks so bear with me, yah?

31.5 weeks

I still cannot believe how time has been flying by. I know that this is a typical lament on this blog but with this pregnancy, it’s become more evident. I guess it’s not really a complaint, it’s more of an astute observation.

My bump looks a little smaller than in last week’s picture but baby boy Siem is about the size of a Napa cabbage. He is extremely active and particularly likes to wiggle when I’m unwinding for the day.  Last week, I learned that I measure at 35 weeks even though I’m barely 32 weeks. I tell the doctor that it might have to do with my pre-pregnancy belly size but  I guess they just want to be cautious that he is not getting too big from my gestational diabetes. The good side to this is that I will get to see him again in 2 weeks on ultrasound. I look forward to this u/s, especially since at this stage, I don’t need to have a partially full bladder (thank God! I almost died of having to pee at the 22 week scan).  At the end of this, I just want him to be as healthy as possible. So I do whatever I can, in my power to help this.

Both M and I are getting more excited and silently nervous. We are starting to realize that this baby is going to come soon into our lives.

On some days all I can think is “Wow! I can’t believe that we are really going to get this lucky…”


Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s what it is. The way you cope with it, is what makes the difference.” – Virginia Satir

I’ve had this stuffy head/nose combination for about a week now.  I am unsure if this is part of the pregnancy or allergies or a cold or a combination of all 3.  But I am coping with the symptoms as best I can.  Sleeping propped up is a new skill.

Very close to 28 weeks now, and I’m starting to feel like someone turned off the energy source of the second trimester.  I still cope with a lengthy commute at work but I’m putting in fewer hours. I need as much ease as I can get, without feeling lazy.  I don’t want to use the baby as an excuse to do less but I know that I need to force myself into that position. If not, I’ll be doing too much and adding a lot of unnecessary stress to myself and those around me.

M has also been a trooper. He switched jobs recently and was supposed to enjoy a nice “babymoon” in Maui with me but he had to take care of me post-surgery. Not much of a vacation. I really owe him one. Hopefully before the baby turns 18.  Now he has immersed himself into work and on most days, is just distracted by his new exciting job. I’m not complaining, I just wish there was a way for me to help him cope but I think he knows that he has my fullest support no matter what he does.  I’m also pretty sure that impending fatherhood must be adding to that stress.

We haven’t painted the nursery yet, I think we still have time. We just need to air the room out for a couple of days, after painting.  I’ve been shopping for the little guy, he already has more outfits than his mama does (thanks to his generous adoring grandmimi). Really. But it’s been fun, picking out little cute things. I troll Etsy.com and watch Zulily for good deals.  I’ve been on the lookout for cute little hangers – these by Ditto are neat and recyclable.

On the whole, I am making the most of this rare and precious journey.  I am not sure if I will miss being pregnant, but I will miss his little pokes and kicks for sure.  For now, I am trying my best to be a healthy mothership so my son can arrive on this planet, safely.