Essential Oils

I ordered a bunch of essential oils from Birch Hill Happenings. I had been wanting to increase the number of oils that I have on hand, to either experiment with new blends or just to enjoy the scent in my diffuser. Mostly I keep lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary and a citrus (orange, lime, lemon or mandarin) oil on hand.

Here’s what I’m adding to my stash: ylang ylang, vertiver, petitgrain, juniper berry, grapefruit, geranium, eucalyptus, clary sage and bergamot. To find out more about these, go to Aromaweb and refer to the oil profiles.

Unplanned Shopping

I love unplanned shopping trips that reap unplanned prizes. We took a trip out to CVS, Pier 1, Barnes & Noble and Bed Bath & Beyond. I got myself a new digital thermometer (esp after the bout of flu I had), nice scented Mandarin Plum candles and my Mar/Apr issue of Cooks Illustrated.

Oh, and we ate at Atlanta Bread Co. – had a yummy Chicken Pesto panini… NO, I am not a panini junkie!… YET! 🙂

Target Spree!

Spent the afternoon shopping at Target… after the trip to Atlanta. Saw all the fairly new Cynthia Rowley Swell items, bought 2 plastic tumblers – a pink one and a green one. Got a set of string lights for the vanity in my bedroom. New underwear! A new pair of socks, ironing board cover, a new pillow for the guest room, a tin box for storing cards and such… and kitchen paper towels 🙂

Spicy Seat

There is a hot seat in our living room now. One reason could be that it’s in crimson red denim but also because it’s very comfortable and already a much sought-after place in our living room. We went by La-Z-Boy some weeks ag and finally decided to get it on Tuesday. It’s one of their modern style recliners – they call it the Carlyle.

I have a hankering for fish and some seafood. Maybe it was the freshly caught trout I saw on Food TV…maybe I miss the wonderful barbecue crab we had on Fisherman’s Wharf in December. This weekend, I think we’re going to cook some shrimp to appease the appetite. A spicy shrimp curry recipe from Kerala beckons.

Teapress Happiness

We finally bought it! The Bodum teapress that I had been wishing for. The one we got from Crate & Barrel in Atlanta has a translucent plastic handle. I like it very much. Now we have matching Bodum coffee and tea things. Hmmm… the little things which keep me happy. We tried out our loose leaf jasmine tea last night and this morning, earl grey. Milky early grey tea made with creamy condensed milk. The stuff which dreams are made of…

aside* {the teapress needs to be kept warm, maybe I could make a little tea cozy for it?}

New Mini

Have you seen the new Mini? I’ve been eyeing the Mini for a while now – ever since I was little girl, my mom would tell me how roomy it was despite its petite stature… I think it’s the sporty way it looks that attracts me. My dream mini would be the Sports version and in a dark metallic green. I wonder sometimes if the Mini would be a fad, much like the VW Beetle. The Beetles come in a number of pretty colors… and I think the new Convertible is an attempt to attract more to purchase a Beetle.

For now, I hope there are more Beetles so Mike and I can keep playing slug bug when we’re on the road…