May Favorites

Back from a work trip and glad that it’s cool and sunny here in the PNW. Wanted to share my recent favorites:

La Croix. Because fizzy.
Matcha Soy Lattes with Pacific Foods Ultra Soy. This really foams up in the milk frother.

Chicken karaage with pickles. Crispy on the outside, juicy and flavorful on the inside.
Scrambled eggs with truffle salt. I know it sounds uppity but a little truffle salt goes a long way. Especially in pop corn.

The Kitchen Sisters – I really enjoy their stories into hidden kitchens. Food around the world, what more can this girl ask for?
At Home With… – these best friends are my favorite to listen to.

The Good Wife – Julianna Margulies is just a really great actress.
Leap Year – Matthew Goode is surprisingly dreamy with facial hair.

What are some of your favorites now?


My birthday came and went. There was no fanfare but it was a good one. I feel like I’m in a good place in my life right now. My recovery journey is underway and everything is going well.

Part of my recovery has been starting a meditation practice. I am using this app called Headspace and have stuck with it for 9 days now. Just taking the time to quieten the mind does wonders for my mood. You can try it out for 10 days free and see how it goes. I tried to start my practice several times for months now but once I pushed through Day 3, I started looking forward to each day’s session. As soon as I felt that way, I subscribed to a year’s membership. A good investment for my mental well-being.

I am still listening to my favorite podcasts (see previous posts) but I found a new one called Gastropod. I enjoyed an episode yesterday called The Whole Hog. The pig is indeed a fascinating animal.

Hello, August!

It’s my favorite month, for obvious reasons. This is the month (many moons ago) that I got to meet this world. There’s much to be thankful for.

Have you ever listened or paid attention to how you breathe? Recently, I started to pay more attention to how I breathe. That has helped me feel calmer. Over the years, I’ve let my breathing shorten and quicken without even giving it a second thought. Now, I try to breathe into my belly. This is part of my recovery journey. There are several breath pacer apps available for smart phones that you can download to help you. Ideally, we should have about 8 breaths per minute.


I’m still enjoying 99% Invisible podcast, there are so many design-related things that I can learn about. I like that each episode is not too long and the topics are so varied. I also particularly enjoy the little bit at the end of episode where Roman Mars lets his boys share something.


Our summer days have been filled with all sorts of events and activity. It just keeps going. Not complaining about it in any way but shouldn’t summer be about slowing down and taking it all in?

2015 has been a year of recovery for me. I had to recover from everything in 2014 and on some days, it really feels like things are getting better. But you know what they say about putting one foot in front of the other. That’s my plan.

I’ve been listening to more podcasts. 99% Invisible to learn about all the ways that design touches our lives and Lore, if you are into scary stories like me. I enjoy them but am also a big coward. I can’t listen to this at night, the sun has to be out.


Another week has gone by and I am back with my latest musings.

I love the podcast, Criminal by Phoebe Judge and she recently shared about her new Squarespace blog, Phoebe Judges (love the pun!) where she picks her “best of”s.

More podcasts that I’ve been into: Call Your Girlfriend (long distance besties chat about all kinds of things under the sun). This one makes me miss having a bestie.


Although I haven’t been going to Crossfit lately, I still love me some kettlebells. I would like to do more of these Loaded Carries with Kettlebells.

I don’t know what has gotten into me. It’s probably age but in the last year, I’ve been liking more gold than silver. Silver was all I would wear but now, it’s gold, copper and rose gold. These gold rings and ear studs/jackets are lovely.

I’m enjoying this new podcast – An Even Better You from Mental Floss. The episodes on Batman Comics and Board Games were intriguing. I learned so much. Podcasts have been inspiring me to make little recordings of “conversations with Sagan”. I might post some of them later on.

Not a paleo recipe but gluten-free – I’ve been eating these Indian chickpea crepes (Pudla). Delicious, because of the cilantro and ginger.

“Leisure … is not the privilege of those who can afford to take time; it is the virtue of those who give to everything they do the time it deserves to take.” – David Steindl-Rast