Lomo Lust

I so very much want a Lomo… to take pictures with, to share my view of the world. Oh Santa, won’t you come again before December?

The Love Cook

This one’s dedicated to the man who made me the most yummy grilled portabella mushroom panini* this evening:

Let me cook you some dinner.
Sit down and take off your shoes
and socks and in fact the rest
of your clothes, have a daiquiri,
turn on some music and dance
around the house, inside and out,
it’s night and the neighbors
are sleeping, those dolts, and
the stars are shining bright,
and I’ve got the burners lit
for you, you hungry thing.

“The Love Cook,” by Ron Padgett from You Never Know (Coffee House Press).

Found through Malika @ Nobody’s Fool

n. pl. panini (-n)
An Italian sandwich made usually with vegetables, cheese, and grilled or cured meat.

Chap Go Meh

Last day or 15th one of the first Lunar Month. We went shopping today at Target and a shoe shop that claims to have 40,000 pairs of shoes 🙂 I am not sure how true that was but we managed to get what we hoped to, so we’re all happy. We had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant. Stuffed! But it was a happy day.

Chinese New Year

It’s my first Chinese New Year away from my family. In past years, I was either with my parents /cousins /aunts /uncles /nephews /nieces {you get the picture} or with my brother and sis in law. This year, I am spending it with my own family, my husband. Mike loves to learn about the different customs and traditions… we are even adopting some for our own.

As a kid, I used to love Chinese New Year – it was the time of year for an allowance bonus. We get red packets/hong bao/angpow from married elders containing money. It’s funny when Mike laments that he only was introduced to this as a married adult – when it was our turn to give out the angpow.

We get to dress up in new clothes – even new jammies. There is a tonne of different goodies to eat. Everyone’s happy. And it is a time of year when I eat the most tangerines!

Tonight we will have our little reunion dinner with pot-stickers {wotie/jiaozi}.

{aside: a cat was seen climbing up the tree on its way to the feeder… maybe he needs a meal for his reunion dinner tonight?}

Projects Pending

Have a couple of projects to work on when Mike goes back to work tomorrow.

Throw Pillows

Going to stitch the fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics into 2 18″ square pillows for the couch. The couch came with pillows but the colors and design on them didn’t really suit my taste or our color scheme.

Magnetic Memo Board

We bought two flat strips of metal of about 3 feet each. Will attach it to the wall with mirror holders and use it with my proposed marble magnets {instructions and inspiration courtesy of several craft blogs I read daily}

Marble Magnets

Of course, to use the above “board”, I’ll make these wonderful magnets which are being sold for quite a bit in the stores. {thanks megan!}

Elephants all over

It just arrived this morning! My Elephant Wall Hanging that I found at Novica.com. One of the main reasons I got it was because it had elephants on it. But mostly because we had an empty wall in the dining room which leaves it looking very bare.

Remember the nightstand that we’ve been looking for to place in our guestroom? We found a bamboo one in Kirklands. I mostly don’t like the whole safari decor but sometimes I find something unexpected there so that’s enough reason to look. It has elephants on it too.

Book Binge

Went to the library today – some of our books on hold came up on the system and so we went by to pick them up. I got The Life of Pi – Yann Martel, Alice Sebold’s much-talked-about The Lovely Bones, an Eyewitness Guide to Herbs (since I started my indoor herb garden), a wild bird feeding guide (since we put up our bird feeder) and a Hands on Training guide for Dreamweaver (since we’re starting our website). It seems like there are so many things I’m trying to do and learn right now. At times it just feels like I want to scour the entire libraries of the world and memorize every interesting morsel. Greedy me!

Pillow Project

Before we got to the library, I took a slight detour and headed for Hancock Fabrics, hoping to find some fabric for pillows. I found a wonderful one after browsing the entire store as Mike waited patiently with me. Will put up the fabric when I take a pic of the pillows, post-project. For now, it’s a taupe background with dark oxblood red and olive green flowers. Matched our color scheme in the living room perfectly.


Was reading Another Girl at Play and found new artist featured – Jenny Hart. Her “baby” is Sublime Stitching. Having had some home ec sewing training when I was about 15-16, I decided to explore Jenny’s site. She has a retro style going. The simplicity of some patterns make me want to try my hand at embroidery again. I particularly love her Chinatown designs. They would look cute on linen napkins or perhaps placemats. I think the lotus design is pretty and the asian-style clouds on the left of the dragon make a great motif.

If I do embark on this, I’ll keep all posted. But thanks for the nudge Jenny…