40 weeks

Happy Friday! He’s not here yet but he will be here this weekend. We are heading to the hospital tonight to start the process. The induction process is highly frowned up by mothers who prefer a natural process but we have to do this, for medical reasons. Docs won’t let me keep him in there for more than 40 weeks with my gestational diabetes. Contractions are few and far between for me but I feel him descending lower into his exit space. That is encouraging. At this point, I just want to hold him and see his beautiful face. I know that we can never predict how we would react until we are in a certain situation and anticipating this “falling in love” is heady enough for me. Even more so, I am looking forward to seeing how M will respond to his arrival. It will be magical.

The nursery is ready even though he will be in our room for a while. His little swing is waiting by the front windows downstairs in the living room, soaking up the summer rays. Still, it’s almost too difficult to imagine him in our lives. It’s surreal.

It looks like summer is really getting into Seattle this week. I am grateful for good weather. And when I’m laboring for this little guy’s arrival, I will make it a point to look outside and be thankful that we would be able to share the lovely weather together.

Recently, we have started to get to know our neighbors on our little short street much better. We had an impromptu get-together at a nearby pub one Saturday evening and then a pot luck dinner a few weeks ago. We are lucky to have these neighbors – all very lovely people and supportive in their own ways. It makes me proud to live on this street. Also, baby boy S will have little friends to run around with. H is 2 and C is 1. Occasionally, R comes to visit with his grandma and he’s 2.5.

I’ve been off work for about 10 days and I do miss it. I know that I’ll get used to it.

Check out this cute bag from Zakka Noveau.

How about these cute little boots from Bloesemshop?

Oh, this is such a cool app – Letter M Press – for the iPad.

The folks’ property has a nice sturdy foundation in place now. Soon, they will start framing the house.

I just wanted to give you an update on how things are over here at Scarlett…soon there will be some very tired people and a really tiny new member of the family. We promise news as soon as we get it. xo


This is the year of the Golden Rabbit. It is very special to me because I have my own little bun-ny on its way and we cannot wait to meet him/her.  A few weeks ago, we saw the little one on the screen and it seemed to be looking right at us. It was still so tiny but extremely wiggly. This week, we heard the little one’s heartbeats – those swooshing sounds took my breath away. I still cannot believe that I have something living, kicking and growing inside of me. We even heard a few kicks on the doppler. I can’t feel those yet and being a first time mum, I will probably have trouble trying to differentiate between kicks and gas. Overall, I’m doing well. A little less tired which helps me with the load at work lately. I try to keep the balance and eat well, just for the little one.

Do you know that it’s the year of the Cat for the Vietnamese?

It is said that this year brings stability and change. Such a contrasting prediction that I am not sure what to make of it.

Still, I hope that it brings good stability and positive change in your lives!

Have a happy, prosperous and healthy new year!


Thank you all, for the many well-wishes, here and through email and phone calls. We are so touched that you are still out there and with such enthusiasm.

It was a rainy Saturday yesterday here in Seattle (surprising, I know!). We had lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant – I have a curry craving. All kinds of curry, please! After that we went to watch Tron at the 3D IMAX theatre. It was pretty cool to me but to Mike, I think it was cool on a whole different level. He grew up knowing the film. However, I must say that I have a thing for older Jeff Bridges. Is that you, pregnancy hormones?!

We are off to lunch in a bit, to have an early celebration for my folks’ 41st anniversary. How does anyone stay married for this long? I still have no idea but they have my unfailing admiration.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Our little change

Alright now, you can stop guessing. We are pregnant. Well, I am. Mike is just along for the ride. We are nervous and overjoyed and excited all at once. We have talked about this many times before but now that it is really happening, we stand in awe.

I have been really tired and sleeping alot since this started. But magically as I started this new week, I have new found energy. That is a good thing since there is a lot to be planned for, talked about and done.  The most exciting project for me would be the nursery but you already knew that! I’m looking forward to some sewing projects and crafty fun as well.

We saw our little one 3 weeks ago and it was most wiggly. That is not a surprise considering that it has Mike’s genes.

I just wanted to share this news with you, my dear friends. Believe me, it was hard to sit on my hands and not write this post. I have one more close friend to tell and I hope she doesn’t read this before we talk soon.

I already feel the change in me, thinking about all things baby but I promise that I will still share things I enjoy, like good food, crafty ideas, decorating tips, movies, books, music and even more. I won’t deny that the little one will come up quite a bit because I know I won’t be able to help it.

Won’t you join me on this journey as we welcome this little change into our lives?


I went by the old office to see some of my favorite co-workers and catch up a little. I could not believe that it’s been almost a year since I left the place and how much has changed. I guess it’s all part of life. Change.

There is more change coming up here soon. Soon.

My favorite beverage currently is an Earl Grey tea latte or an English Breakfast tea latte. I have talked about it here before but lately, I’ve been enjoying them again. It all started when I used to share this with my really good friend C at a cafe in Bugis Junction. We still text and talk about how nice it would be to share one right now. You might order these at a coffee shop here in the US or Canada – they are called ‘London Fog’. I had a version of it last Friday at Cafe Vivace and they are called ‘Beautiful Stephanie’ – how appropo! The only difference is that this version had cinnamon.

I make mine at home by steeping a tea bag in 2 tbsp of boiling water to cover the tea bag, let steep for a minute then top it up with milk and microwave it for about 2 minutes. If you like your tea sweet, put a tsp of sugar in when you add hot water to steep your tea bag. So good!

Elusive Star

That elusive star in the sky that we call the sun is finally showing its face here. It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day. It is also somewhat significant but more on that later. Temperatures are rising as I type – can’t wait to spend some time outside today. Enjoy the weekend, everyone and if you’re a football fan, have fun watching the games!

Today’s bits:

In the last year, I have been interested in cord/leather bracelets. This one with gold plated beads woven in between caught my eye the other day. I like the name too – nugget.

I like the wood prints at Petit Collage, especially the owl ones. Their new city prints are really tempting. It’s San Francisco too, you all know that city has my heart.

How about these cute robot pillow cases?

This morning, I think I’m making Nigella’s Doughnut French Toast since I have fresh strawberries I can use to make a nice sauce. Either that or a little pink strawberry smoothie to go with plain doughnut french toast.

Happy Easter 2010


I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Easter (especially if you do celebrate it).

To me, this season is all about hope. I wish that you will never let go of hope.

“Hope never abandons you, you abandon it.” – George Weinberg

She lives!

Just a sprinkling of updates:

– Getting ready for Christmas and Boxing Day, time with family and dear friends. Learning to be grateful for these times together. Missing those far away.

–  Winding down from the year but at the same time, gearing up for some action in 2010.

– Met a longtime blog friend, finally. She is fabulous in real life too.

–  Listening to Ella’s Christmas tunes…timeless.

–  Enjoying the simplicity of good red sauce for spaghetti and peanut butter on bagels, while craving more complex SE Asian flavors of home.

– Thumbing through the first seed catalog that arrived – a most beautiful one too.

– Wishing all my friends here a safe and happy holiday time…


I had a most wonderful time away, from the blog and from home. I won’t talk more about it because it’s quite personal. But I assure you that I am back and ready to tackle it again. With fresh eyes, with a fresh perspective and a heart full of gratitude.

It’s been a week since I’ve been back and tonight will be the first time I’m cooking a full meal (breakfast does not count). I’m thinking Tom Yum Goong and Prawn Cakes. Spicy and warming, just perfect for the fall.

Mike was supportive of my staying out of the kitchen and took me to enjoy some delicious dinners – our favorite pho place, chicken kariage at The Cutting Board (thanks, K!) and of course, the fabulous Delancey (one word: burrata).

In garden news, my garden was overgrown while I was away but now it’s all cleaned up. I am hoping to plant some winter greens and maybe get a crop of Asian greens. We’ll see how cooperative the weather will be. This year, Seattlelites should have nothing to complain about our summer.

Oh, my current favorite drink is a Washington hard apple cider – the name slips my mind now but the taste has my attention now.

Green Beans with bacon & shallots

Green Beans with bacon and shallots

Last week, J gave me a bunch of green beans from her garden and I made this delicious green bean dish. It was easy and the beans were so tender. Of course bacon helps anything taste good too!

Thanks J, for being my friend, inside and outside of the garden.