Green Fingers?

After doing some reading on starting my own indoor herb garden, Mike and I headed out to the local gardening center. We decided to grow our herbs from seeds as there wasn’t a very good number of herbs plants in the store. (We did find a Lemon Thyme which smells glorious… and looks good for the pruning!) The garden will be in the kitchen, planted in a strawberry pot. Will try to post pictures once it’s done.

Having moved from a tropical climate, this is the first time I’m trying my hand at growing herbs. I’ve grafted Thai basil from actual basil bought in the store and that grew pretty well. Picked out some African Violets and found a lovely terracota pot with Bali styling. I’m trying my best to describe it… please be patient for pics.

While shopping for gardening stuff, we decided to pick up a bird feeder to hang outside the trees near our sun room windows. We’ve been seeing many different songbirds flying by. The other day, we even found a wood howl. It stayed for a long while as I watched it. Being close to nature is underrated…you think?