Look Inward

“He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life away in fruitless efforts.” – Samuel Johnson

I am once again challenged by the forthcoming new year, to re-examine who I am and how I’ve lived my life.


  1. Cindy Fredericka

    This year has been super hectic for me. Lots of expansion & turnover in my team. New team members equals different personalities, style & culture within the team.It jux gets more political with each passing day.Me don’t like it.
    For me the only highlight & happiness moments in 2004,was in July when my DEAREST fren, Stef & her hubby; Mike came bck to Singapore.We even went for a vacation in Bali with her family.And also a “helicopter ride” from good old Mike.(Pssss….I tell U….Stef didn’t protect me you know!)Instead, she was laughing heartily in the pool together with nieces; Deema & Dania.
    I MISS her & hmnn…. maybe I’ll make plans to go over next year to visit her.:)

  2. Yes, here’s to being thoughtful, and giving in 2005~ My goal is to remember each and every day my blessings and how I can make a difference in each episode I encounter. It’s a nasty habit of mine to react instead of ponder…

    I see you’ll be going to Pink Martini… I’ve heard of them before and forgot how pleasant they sound. I’ve spent time on their website this morning and see their coming to FORT WORTH too. Yeah, now I just have to convince Mark to go with me!

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