Polish Deli

My camera phone came to the rescue this afternoon when I wanted to take a picture of my delicious deli delight [this one’s for my alliteration-happy cousin]. I have reformatted my memory card for the other camera but I haven’t tested it out yet. Maybe tonight. Last night we had a fabulous time at the Pink Martini concert and didn’t have time to take pictures of the tacos we made. The Benaroya Hall is gorgeous and the acoustics, amazing, we’re definitely heading back for more.

So back to my lunch – I walked down Madison yesterday to a deli I had seen while heading to the library the night before. George’s Sausage & Deli is a Polish Delicatessen. They stock some wonderful looking sausages and cheeses. You can also find all sort of confection and Polish gossip mags. For some brief moments, I felt like I was in Europe.

I decided on a nice pastami on rye, something to drink and brought home chocolate wafers and a Kinder Bueno for Mike. He loved the Kinder Bueno – I used to eat it a lot when in Singapore. Wait till he tries those Kinder Eggs. It was all scrummy.



  1. I have always wanted to try kinder eggs…It stinks that we can’t have them here in the U.S. Your lunch sounds delicious! I always order pastrami!

  2. Jme

    That pastrami sandwich looks more like 3! My gawd, woman, how many grams of pastrami is that between those 2 slices of bread? I paid $9 for a miserable (although v. scrummy!) pastrami sandwich with jarlsberg cheese on multigrain and it’s nothing compared to what you have there!! Heee. And I love Kinder Bueno! Especially Kinder Surprise where you get a toy!! Oooo, toy! 🙂

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