Urban Garden Beginners

Both still very new at gardening, we went for a very informative class at In Bloom Home & Garden about planting edible container gardens. After a continental breakfast of homemade banana nut bread, some fresh fruit and tea/coffee, we [Mike, K and I] headed across the West Seattle bridge to class. I’ve always been interested in container gardening, mostly because I like to be able to move my plants around and group them according to a theme or just to control the climatic conditions.

rosemary.jpg lemonthyme.jpg

After class, we headed one block to Easy Street Records for brunch/lunch. With meals named after famous musicians like Patti Smith Patty Melt, Dolly Pancakes, Johnny Cash Special, to name a few, it was a quintessential Seattle brunch as my friend K would put it. The best part about that lunch was being able to browse the record store, listen to my new favorite CD “The Decemberists” while waiting for a table.


  1. Love, love, love container planting. One of my favorite books is called “The Bountiful Container”. You should check it out, it’s so informative and inspiring.

  2. i can see the rosemary plant there i got one in my garten too… unfortunately my basil and coriender died on me last spring. :*( i shall start again in spring.

  3. What a small wonderful world we live in!!! My partner and I own In Bloom in West Seattle. I am addicted to Blogs and was surfing around when I stumbled upon yours. I was so excited,it took me a good 5 minutes to calm down. I love the pictures and thanks so much for posting a link to the store. We are a new business and so happy for the positive word of mouth. We at In Bloom would like to extend you and your readers 10 percent off any single item, when you visit In Bloom in April and mention the da*xiang blog.. It was great to have you in our workshop and we hope to see you all again soon.

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