Growin’ up

We saw “Finding Neverland” last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. Johnny Depp is a magnificent actor and the magical chemistry between the various actors in the film only added to beauty of the lesson in it.

And now, a quote from my favorite Peter Pan song:

Rickie Lee Jones:

If growing up means it would be
Beneath my dignity to climb a tree
I won’t grow up, won’t grow up, won’t grow up
Not me.


  1. Deb

    I have yet to see it but my friend has it on DVD and wants to watch it together (she loves Peter Pan!).

  2. That was a sweet little film. I feel as if I should do a viewing of it with friends and make tea and scones, but it might be too sweet for most of them. Not the scones–those they gobble up with great glee and many chortlings, but the movie.

  3. Jasmin

    It is a beautiful film. Johnny Depp was, like you said, magnificent! I can’t wait for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now.

  4. Hey..Stef,
    Isn’t it sad.. when you own a video store.. and you haven’t watch finding neverland..!
    Well.. that’s the story of my life.. hahah!!

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