Biscuit Getaway

We just got back from our trip to Atlanta. It was for both business and pleasure. The thing with %$#%$&**@ INS had little progress… you can’t imagine how many frustrated people were in that room with us today. Anyhow, we’ll have to get back to playing the waiting game. Keepin’ everything crossed for now.

The pleasurable side of our trip was that we got to taste the most FLUFFY biscuits ever at The Flying Biscuit cafe. Have it with their famous apple butter, sweet, smooth and with just the right tinge of spice. The fried green tomatoes were simply exquisite – so many flavors at once – tartness of the tomatoes, sweet and crispy-ness of its batter and sharpness of the goat sour cream/chesse. Mmmm… it melted away all the stress from the earlier part of the morning.

Now, where were we?