Philly Cheesesteak

Last evening, Mike and I had a little midweek date at Philly Fevre – the oldest Philly Cheesesteak shop here in the Northwest. It’s on our way home from work so we decided to eat there. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a good cheesesteak!



There are several different versions of hoagies here and you should definitely try them out.


  1. ki

    Since we can’t talk food at the moment I hit you up on your blog…..and you did it again! Made me drool! Now for yesterdays food tease….I will move on to the 18th.

  2. Cindy Fredericka

    Alrte! As usual, U did it again! U know my dearest, it’s REALLY hard not to be drooling & craving 4 food early in the am when we check out your blog.
    Back to Cheese Steak, the only ones I had a deep impression of was this place called Steak Escape (which has closed down since) some years back in Singapore.They had lovely Cheesesteak.U remember Stef? But it still closed eventually. 🙁 And I’ve not found another that’s comparable since…

  3. Slightly fretful: Where’s the cheese in the cheesesteak? I can’t *see* it.

    STEF: Rachel, that was my first thought but then as I bit into it, ooooooh it was cheesy. Trick-sie 😉

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