Amateur gardener

This past weekend when the weather was good, we were outside gardening. We put the tomato and chili pepper seedlings outside where they can get sun.

We also planted some ground cover on top of the rocks so that the roots will help hold on to the soil and prevent serious erosion when it rains.

This is the back of the house. On the front, we planted 3 lavender plants and 3 rosemary plants. They will surely love the amount of sun the front of our south facing home gets. It looks like Scarlett has someone actually living here now!

I can’t wait till this weekend arrives and we will find a nice tree to plant in the front.

Serendipity is when a neighbor recommends a good nursery nearby and your favorite friend at work has a coupon for it.


  1. I’m also trying to plant stuff right now and have just planted my tomato plant too. Now I’m looking for things to plant in the front of my house and was wondering if Lavendar will be ok throughout winter in North Carolina or will it die and bloom again in the spring?

  2. That’s so cool, Scarlett’s looking great with all that garden love. 🙂 I’ve always dreamed of having an herb garden but my first home garden item will be lilac trees… love them.

  3. I almost passed up the market today but your post reminded me why I wanted to go to begin with. There was a vendor selling chili plants last week and I passed them up. Had it not been for your post, I would have been without my chili plant another week :).

  4. I bet you have access to some neat things there. I was thrilled to find Thai basil in Florida and am now growing that. 🙂

  5. *jelous jelous jelous* i am actually jelous that you are planting alot of things in your garden. my apartment garden dont get much sun, only the morning one, and all my plants are stunted!! wahahahaha…. but its the long weekend this week so i might trim alot of plants to get them growing.

  6. Cindy Fredericka

    Lavender plants & Rosemary plants! So lovely…. Tomatoes & Chilli Peppers too…. Gee U’re on your way to having fresh produce right of your house for preparing all the babelicious, heavenly food cuisine of yours.
    Gee…Stef, I still have strong visions of you being our next “Asian Martha Stewart” (but, of cux totally minus de jail part) A better one too since U’ve got the Asian tastebuds in you. U’ll be able to marry the both East & West & give us the True Blue Fusion food.

  7. That’s so nice.. Stef, i myself.. haven’t muster the strength nor time to do any planting at our house.. 🙁
    Shame on me right..??

  8. can’t wait to see your garden when it’s all in full bloom. Wen and I don’t have green fingers so I think we’re destined to live in apartments because houses without gardens just don’t look as alive. =)

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