New garden additions

Over the weekend, we added more members to our growing garden. We bought a Japanese maple tree [Shojo Nomura] for the corner of the yard, on the other side of our plum tree.

We also bought some Ceanothus also known as California lilac to bring some hardy fragrance, bees and birds to the yard.

Another tree shrub we bought was a Camellia – family of the tea tree, this strain blooms light pink semi-double petal flowers that look almost like a magnolia. Thus its name of magnoliaflora.

Finally, a magnolia that comes from China, known as Fragrant Cloud or Dan Xin. Not to be mistaken for a hybrid tea rose also called by the same name.

It is still very much a work in progress but I feel that we are slowly getting our garden to a comfy point that uniquely says us.

I even plan on keeping a plant journal so I remember what plants I have grown. It will also be a good place to stick those little name tags of the plants with care instructions.


  1. Those are pretty much the basics in a PNW garden. We have this funky Japanese maple in the front yard that is half green and half red. At first, I didn’t like it at all but it’s starting to grow on me.

  2. I love your garden ideas – it makes my very black thumb itch to become green (only a bit though).

    Great site! BTW, my husbands (and thus mine of course) family name is Yau. I don’t meet many who spell it the same way. And we moved from the Bay Area to FL. We miss the Bay Area…

  3. Cindy Fredericka

    Oh Stef! Oh Stef! De Japanese Maple leaf is a great idea. 🙂 The California Liliac is so pretty looks a little like “mini-hygraneous”. I can imagine your pretty garden already…. imagine as one steps into de path way leading to your house, we could smell whiff of herbs & fragance from the plants….. Ahhhh…… so nice.

  4. i love your garden ideas. And am so envious of the magnolia and camelia plants you have. They’re some of my favourite flowers along with gardenias. When I was at my aunt’s in SF, she planted her borders with wild rosemary…omigosh! the smell the garden made me very very hungry!

  5. meggie

    I like the idea of a plant journal! I myself have a horrible memory, and always need to write things down so I don’t forget!

  6. your garden really sounds like a very fun project. in fact, it almost (but not quite) tempts me to read up more on different flowers and trees. =)

  7. i have a little folder that stores all those little tabs. hehehe… i didnt know that i was keeping a plan journal

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