Crepes @ Pike Place

I was going through my photos and trying to organize them when I came across these pictures I took when Mom Lynn was here in Seattle. We went to the market on a Friday morning and had crepes for lunch.

We had great seats next to the crepe stove and I captured the very professional crepe making process. You can view them here.

The slideshow presents the making of a savory crepe filled with cheese, mushrooms, spinach and ham. We had to order a dessert one with strawberries and pastry cream as pictured here.


  1. that looks so great!
    i ate at piroshky piroshky – it was such a delicious piroshky i wanted it all for myself!

  2. Those look fab! Great shots! I too also always grab a couple of piroshky’s during my yearly visits to Seattle. Broccoli and Cheese and the Mushroom ones are my favorite….

  3. blumie

    i used to love the crepe shop opposite mcdonalds in wisma last time! This reminds of that…dunno why it closed down though. it was really yummy…:)

  4. Cindy Fredericka

    🙁 My PC will not show me the pics on the whole process of the crepe making. Anyways, thou I’m no big fan of crepes, but it looks so good I wanna sink my teeth in it. We go there when I come over ya? Pls……

  5. Personally, I like to watch making process in restaurant. Sometimes, I sit intentionally next to a place that I can look easily inside the kitchen. It’s amazing to see a way of using a cook’s hand. I like also the crepe, but I have never tasted the crepe with cheese. It looks very tasty.

  6. And I thought my mom and I were the only Pike’s Place crepe freaks. Have to go there for one (1) lemon crepe to split, plus two (2) corn dogs from the greasy guy across the aisle. Plus two (2) salmon piroshkies to take home to L.A. Yum!

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