1. Oooh, you just made me think about the wasabi macadamia nuts I bought when I was home. Hmmm, they might have it at Uwajimaya…they had the wasabi Funyuns (sp?) I’ve been dying to try.

  2. Cindy Fredericka

    Hmn…thankfully I’m not Nuts abt NUTS. So consolation is there are still some food I’m not crazy or passionate abt. Heh! I’m not such a “rubbish bin” like Mum always comment.:p
    Gee! I mux say I’m pretty tempted to sample those fanciful flavours they have which we do not find them in S’pore.(Hardly….)

  3. have you tried those wasabi cashews from trader joe’s? they’re quite addictive. I bought 2 bags yesterday for “road snacks”. they’re a little shocking at first, but i notice the ones with more powder on them are hotter. i presume it’s straight wasabi powder.

  4. carol

    Ooh, I made a special trip to the store today just for those wasabi/soy almonds. You’re right – they’re now my favorite snack, too.

  5. I love those nuts, although I haven’t even seen the wasabi and soy flavors!! I’m heading to the store right now to go find some. YUM!

    STEF: I just got some more today – yummmmmy!

  6. OK Stef – You’re to blame here! I’m on my fifth can of this stuff since I read this post – this stuff is worst than crack! Maui Onion and Garlic are my fav….

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