Brunch @ Hi Life

Before we went in to our Copper Trellis class on Saturday afternoon, we decided on having brunch/lunch at the Hi Life in Ballard. Their menu is quite entertaining so you should read carefully. Hi Life is located in an old firehouse, you can definitely smell the wood as you walk in. We met K & A there.

K ordered French Toast [read:vanilla-custard dipped Fancy French Toast, topped with sugared hazelnuts and espresso-mascarpone served with real maple syrup – the mascarpone was a good touch and the sugared hazelnuts too.].

I ordered Biscuits & Gravy [perfect homemade biscuits and amazing sausage gravy or as I would put it – “gravy sausage” since they were most generous in their sausage portions]. It’s hard to say which was better, this one or Crave’s.

A ordered Station House No. 18 Pancakes [with bacon and eggs] and Mike ordered the Serrano Ham Sandwich [Cured Spanish ham, caramelized onions, Manchego cheese and a drizzle of honey on griddled hearth bread. Served with fries.] The honey was such a good touch as it offsets the ham and the carmelized onions provided a depth of savory sweetness.

I will definitely go back to Hi Life for dinner [see what the wood-fired grill will offer] or even brunch again. I am not sure if I can avoid asking for the biscuits and gravy again but I’ll surely try.


  1. Stef, Thanks for the review… I’ve been curious about the Hi-Life for awhile now. I’ve heard some great things and not-so-great things. Can’t wait to read your write-up of dinner at the Hi-Life!

    STEF: Will definitely share what I find, if I can avoid India Bistro again 🙂

  2. Cindy Fredericka

    Boy! Thankfully, I’ve jux had my Carl’s Jr Sourdough Brkfast Sandwich whilst reading yr blog. YES! They have finally opened one in S’pore in Marina Sq. **Skip! Skip! Skip! Skipping happily** Ya so excited that I had to call U aft engulfing my brkfast.
    I knw it’s really no big deal in US.(Jux another fastfood burger joint) But U knw, they have stuff which our regular fast food joint doesnt offer.Eg: Fried Zucchini, Sourdough burger.
    Hey, U knw wat I wanna eat at Hi-Life when I do get de chance to go Seattle rt?? 😉

  3. What, no pictures? Sounds delish! Going out to breakfast is one of my most favorite things to do!!

    Lucky you, this place sounds fun and good!

  4. there are no pictures… but your descriptions were fantastic and making me crave french toast….
    now that i have a digicam, i wanted to know what kind of experiences you have taking pictures of food in restaurants, of restaurants, and of food displays. do you ask people for permission every time? do you be sure to be really discreet to the point of stealthiness or are you really casual? what about merchandise in a store that you really want to capture to share but have no intention to buy? my sister thinks i’m going to get reprimanded really soon but she’s the type that would never care to photograph her food….

  5. Maria

    Hi Stef, how did the class go? I have been a big Swanson’s fan since I used to live in Ballard. I often say at work that I would love to be paid in Swan Dollars.

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