See’s for me

scotchmallow.jpgSent on a much welcomed assignment, I went down to See’s Candies to locate some marshmallow-caramel chocolates. I did find a butterscotch caramel marshmallow piece of happiness and bought a couple of samples. Since these Scotchmallows will be travelling a few thousand miles home to Singapore, I decided on purchasing them later on. I don’t think they could survive the stay in my house.

I also spotted some rum goodness. Since mum loves rum, I thought this would be something she fancied – apart from her coffee or espresso leanings. The rum nougat was light yet spiked with enough rum to make her happy.


  1. OH! I love, love, love See’s candies! We don’t have a single store here in Wisconsin so I don’t get them that often. Which is probably a good thing!

    Have some peanut brittle for me!

  2. Cindy Fredericka

    Oh! U manage to find it! Thks thks so much my dearest! Gee they look good. I’ve not tried those marshmallow before cux I’m afraid de caramel would be too sweet. Been told it’s nice. So my greediness got de better of me. *Wink*
    Hey how’s de rum? Did yr Mum liked it? Alrte… now U’ve got me craving for See’s choc lollipop too! Heh…heh….

    More imptly! HAPPPY BIIRRRTHHHHHDAYYYYY STEFFY!!!! Sending U LOADS of KISSES & HUGS from across de miles! Hope you have a Wonderful time!! I LOVE UUU!!!!

    P.S. Heh, now U can open the box to see yr B-day present. Hope U like it.

  3. Cindy Fredericka

    Ok it’s me again! Alrte…alrte…. sorry de “Kia Su” syndrome in me jux wanna be de 1st to wish you Happy B-day! But…hey it’s 11 Aug in S’pore U know???? So it’s advance well wishes I send 1st cux it takes miles to travel over. Haha!! Wish U again tom ya? *Wink*Wink*Wink*

  4. Happy birthday Stef!

    I guess I’m spoiled, because I had no idea See’s was so coveted! They are ubiquitous in California, and my husband’s Christmas stockings and Easter baskets wouldn’t be complete without a Scotchmallow bar (or two or three).

    If you’d like to try something similar, a recent trip to Vegas and the Vosges store led to the discovery of their Caramel Marshmallows… SO GOOD. I highly recommend them:

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