1. sharlyn

    I have no clue. What I do know is that it takes about a month to a month and a half for my tomatoes to turn from green to red. Mine only started turning red a couple of weeks ago.

  2. mademoiselle a.

    It really depends on where you put them [shade or sun], what soil it is and whether you used fertilizer or not. Yours had a hard start since you replanted them quite late, remember?

    My tomatoes aren’t as many as last year because of the rain [I couldn’t protect them, and tomatoes hate rain], because I chose too small containers, and because I slacked in fertilizing them later [I use a mix of liquid fertilizer and coffee grinds from our coffee machine 😉 ]. They are only now turning red, when all the garden patches around had long started off into the harvesting season.

  3. Judging by my assortment, I think it’s still too early. My romas and health kicks are just now getting a tint of color. My golden jubs are still infants. I’m fertilizing tomorrow when I plant the ellusive fall garden.

  4. My romas aren’t turning either, still green. I only got one that turned red and I ate it, but it was really small. I’m waiting too! I just hope they ripen before it gets cold again.

  5. Cindy Fredericka

    Gosh! It’s so cool to be able to cook de things you have planted straight from the backyard. De soup looks so babelicious!!!

  6. One day, I decided I would try to be a farmer. Albeit, a rather limited faux version of the real deal. I kinda fancied myself as a food grower since I would not make a good hunter given my distaste for blood. A gatherer I am not either as that means I need to do do lots of bending and that means real physical work.

    So armed with 1 sachet of cherry tomatoes seeds (with a picture of bright red healthy bunches of tomatoes in front), a couple of plastic trays and 2 big bags of potting soil from Walmart, I went to work.

    Step 1 – Empty soil into trays.
    Step 2 – Sprinkle seeds.
    Step 3 – Cover seeds with soil.
    Step 4 – Water trays and WAIT.

    Over the weeks, I over-watered them, then left them to dry out, and over-watered them again. When I remember to, I throw them a couple of sticks of fertilzer. In short, I was lucky my tomatoe plants could not take to me to court for gross neglect.

    But still, the tomatoes grew. In many many bunches and then some. They sprouted with a vengence, thumbing my earlier recalcitrance. The front porch of my townhouse was covered in green vines and bright red tomatoes. So for many many days, I had cherry tomatoe salad. I added tomatoes into my chinese soups. Tomatoes with my beef stews. Tomatoes for snacks. I was so sick of cherry tomatoes that I forced visitors to my place to “please! take my tomatoes!”

    That was my first and last time I grew tomatoes. 🙂 Oh, I did grow some green onions too. They sprouted like weeds. Perhaps I am just lucky to be in sunny SF South Bay. :p

    The end.

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