Fiori: Blossom

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m a chocolate fiend.

To most other chocolate fiends, I’m probably just a newbie. I’ve barely scratched the surface of good chocolate in the world. All the more reason that my journey from here should continue.

A while ago, I started to question my perspective towards chocolate. Asia didn’t have the best chocolate but due to the colonial influence in Singapore, we import some of the best chocolate from Europe. And as a result of growing up, my idea of a good piece of chocolate has developed from round more-sugar-than-cacao gold-wrapped coins to half pound milk chocolate bars to truffles and dark chocolate.

True, I’ve been wooed with boxes of Godiva and Leonidas and those are respectable, especially the latter but today, I tasted some amazingly scrummy truffles, made here in Seattle where we live. Fiori is top of my list now. [Thanks Viv for recommending them @ Motore.]

Someone lucky will benefit from these chocolate truffles and well-deserving he is.

You must be thinking: how can she even enjoy such sinful goodness when there isn’t any good news in the world these days? That’s precisely it, if we can’t enjoy a small moment like that, what good will it be if it’s all gone tomorrow?


  1. mademoiselle a.

    amen. halleluhya. *crossing, waving incense, offering incense sticks, moving the prayer wheel, swinging the rosary, chanting psalms, giving blossoms and food, waving garlic and presenting the chamsa, throwing water and salt, rabbit charm, lucky penny, fatma’s eye against the bad eye….*

  2. Oh thank you for this posting; I’m heading to Seattle in a couple of weeks and this will give me something to look forward too (for I am a chocolate girl.)

  3. Cindy Fredericka

    Oh!One of de gourmet chocolates I’ve tried b4 in Switzerland is Springli(Sprungli). A box with abt 24 pieces cost abt CHF40. My colleague’s eyes nearly pop out! Haha! Another famous gd brand in Switzerland is “Cailler”. I’ve tried Neuhaus before too.Tried Max Brennar before too.
    But my all time fav is my Valrhona dark choc. I LOVE dark choc!! 🙂

  4. Cindy Fredericka

    Not forgetting the Japanese brand “Royce” choc is lovely. I like de packaging more than anythg else. Sleek & neat!

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