1. I guess I didn’t realize your “mum” was still here… I knew they had visited. How lucky are YOU?

    Everything looks delish as always!!

  2. i’m sure yours is so delightful as well. i hate how my father uses ketchup but it comes out SO good. i like the juicy pieces with a a ribbon of fat running through it!

  3. n i c o l e

    Hey Stef,

    yeah that looks absolutely delish!! *drools* Any chance that you’ll be posting the recipe? 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Cindy Fredericka

    Well Cherry at least U’ve tried Aunty Theresa’s char siew. Me haven’t & yet I’ve checking Steff blog early in de morning on an empty stomach. So…. it jux makes me more hunger than ever. Alrte think I’ll jux have to settle for some biscuits & Milo for de moment till lunch. 🙁

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