1. Cindy Fredericka

    Yes! Indeed they look so tempting! Gee! Stop making us so envious of U huh? Haha! Jux kidding! Yes an asset like him well deserve to be flaunted. 😉

    STEF: I was actually trying to flaunt my photography skills hehehe…

  2. Pweeeetty! They look so good! I bet they were perfect just out of the oven. Now I’m craving for a sub; even though I’ve just eaten dinner….

  3. Clay Aiken? Sigh… Love him! Baguettes? SIGH… Love them even more!

    STEF: Actually, it’s Conrad Aiken 🙂 Jill. He’s a poet, writer, critic and novelist.

  4. **Blushing** Oh, that is totally embarrassing! What a total dork I am. I guess I showed my “true” non-cultured colors. Hee

    STEF: Oh don’t be silly. Those verses do sound like a song.

  5. Hi Stef,

    The baguettes look really good. Mike’s sure got a way in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I don’t bake too many things like this anymore because the kitchen is so small. *sigh*

  6. "the hubby"

    Thanks for all the kind comments.
    Unfortunately, the taste of the bread isn’t as nice as the look of itl. I’m struggling with the process of baking but stay tuned for version 2.0!

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