Bick’s & Caipirinha

We had a lovely dinner at Bick’s last night. It was girls’ night out at work so we picked one of the ‘Dinner at 8’ restaurants. In the end, we didn’t select anything from the special menu but settled on their usual menu. It was the only way we could get a feel of what they served and what the restaurant was truly about.

I started off my meal with a caipirinha [nothing like some good cachaça to help the unwinding] and some Fry Bread [a Navajo bread made with masa corn flour & flour and served with tomato-serrano salsa]. My main course was Big Creamy Crabcakes [very delicious crisp round cutlets of crabmeat – they were generous!). I didn’t order dessert but Bick’s had a long list to choose from. My coworkers had a coconut ice cream pie and a warm mug of mocha mousse served with chambord cream. I had a taste of both and they were quite scrummy!

I wouldn’t say that dinner was spectacular but it was good enough for me to want to go back and try the other dishes.

Edit: Rachel Ray had recommended Bick’s on her $40 a day show.

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  1. Are you kidding? I live NEXT DOOR. I tried it once and the food was OK but their prices aren’t that great and a had a huge credit card ordeal… oh and the parking situation. With 2 cars and 1 spot in the garage, the restaurant makes it hard. But anyhoo… just wanted to say I live next door. 😉

    STEF: You do?! 🙂 Their prices were not that great, I agree. There would be other restaurants I would rather eat at since I live a ways away.

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