20 about me

20 random facts about me, thanks to Kisane.

1. I love rice. If I don’t eat rice for a few days, I will start to crave those luscious soft fragrant grains. I could eat plain rice just like that.
2. My dream job used to be a radio dj/presenter. Folks I know always said I have a good voice. It’s not strong but it’s definitely good to listen to.
3. My favorite fruit is any fruit that is tart and sweet at the same time. That means the favorite changes every season.
4. I have a waffle obsession. My favorite waffle would be one that has vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce on top.
5. I live a double-life – my dreams are sometimes continued from the previous night. It’s like starring in my own movie. Except, the director doesn’t give me a script ahead of time.
6. When I was single, I always fell asleep to the sounds of late night radio shows. In the morning while getting ready for school, I’ll be tuning in too.
7. I love a good glass of something to drink to unwind but I usually never make it past 2 drinks. The pleasure is gone after the 2nd one, I don’t know why.
8. I used to be in Strawberry Shortcake’s fan club.
9. When I was 12, I passed an entrance exam to go to school in London.
10. At 16, the boy that a friend was trying to hook me up with, fell for a good friend. I was heartbroken for about 3 days. No, not for the boy but because my friends pretended to hide it from me.
11. I allowed myself to think that I needed to go for a writing class. The irony was that I had already made it into graduate school.
12. I am still looking for my dream job. I have hope.
13. I enjoy coloring books. Coloring is therapeutic for me.
14. A willow tree stands outside our house.
15. From my office window, I can see a homeless man make his home on the side of the highway.
16. I enjoy eating crab but I like the ritual of removing the crab meat from its shell even more.
17. I’m not very sociable. I would rather have a quiet dinner with close friends than be at a busy everyone-was-there party.
18. I know I’m all about my teas but I really love coffee too.
19. The boy who followed me around in kindergarten wouldn’t even look my way when we were teenagers and I bumped into him on the bus ride home.
20. I have astigmatism.


  1. Some of those are really cute. 🙂 I loved Strawberry Shortcake too. I have astigmatism and so does James. He can’t wear contacts because of it. We actually went for a consultation last week about getting him laser surgery and they said it’s not perfected enough yet to correct someone like him. Shucks. 🙁

  2. Cindy Fredericka

    Gee… didn’t know U’re such a “Rice Fan”. Whlist, I’m more of a Noodle/Pasta gal.
    Sorry to know U were heartbroken, but U mux knw it was all 4 a gd reason.De boy at 16 wasn’t dat suitable for U actually. He was too “ah beng” & now….he looks more “ah pui”. Haha! (Think some pple will KILL me for saying dat) Ok!Alrte! But I MUZ say he is still a very nice & sincere chap.
    Oh! U like de ritual of removing de crab meat fm de crab!(I hate dat) Alrte if that’s de case, my dearest fren,next time when we’ve crabs together.U be my guest to remove crabmeat & I will be more than Happy & glad to eat de peeled crabmeat. *wink* 😉

  3. Cindy Fredericka

    Ohhh! One more thing to add, that chap U had a crush on at 16, he definitely CANNOT cook as well as Mike!Jux cannot be compared! Trust me! (Esp since I’ve had the honours to try Mike’s cooking before)
    Mmmm…..dreaming of Mike’s Buffalo Wings ESPECIALLY!!! & Garlicky Mashed Potato.**Drool*Drool*and More Drool** Oops! My keyboard is all wet now!Yipes!

    STEF: Dear, I was heartbroken because my friends tried to pretend nothing happened. Not because of the guy, albeit him being a great guy. I’m not even sure I had a crush on him.

  4. Elle

    Hi>if you love rice then you must try California Rice Oil>the best to cook with.
    I have the same drink issue>I get bored after 2 drinks.
    I also love to pick crab>are you a picker or a piler???

  5. Hi Stef,

    I have astigmatism too. =( My right eye is actually a lot worse off than my left one. Thanks for sharing such personal information about yourself.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about rice. I feel the same way. One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever given was “I like you more than rice”.

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