On the brink of December

Garland on stairway

Here we are, on the brink of the final month in the year. I can almost say that it’s my 2nd favorite month. August definitely reigns supreme in that contest. It’s cold here in Seattle (well, for Seattle). There is talk of snow in the next 24 hours – what a surprise since Father Frost often skips us and leaves us in the capable hands of his rainy sibling.

We all know how Christmas often races close at the heels of Thanksgiving and here at Scarlett, we’ve started with some of our Christmas decorations. There is talk of going to a tree farm for our tree and I’m still cracking my brain on the theme for the tree. I put up some garlands, some lights and some baubles but it was more to do an inventory of what I had. Right now, I’m very tempted to make a tree full of painted salt dough ornaments.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my dad’s leftover katsudon from Hiroshi’s with this delicious apple juice from Nantucket Nectars, prettily called Cloudy Apple. Scrummy.

Mom Lynn leaves for home today, it was so great having everyone here at Thanksgiving. I cannot be grateful enough.


  1. I think painted salt dough ornaments would look lovely (and the kids, oh and you, would have lots of fun decorating them!). Hey, I had katsudon for dinner tonight!

  2. Cin

    Hmn… those garlands look oh so familiar. Aren’t those de ones we bought together to 2 or 3 Christmases back, when U were in Atlanta?

    I remember the garlands were placed on de top of yr fireplace. Whilst our stockings were hanging along side too. It was a most memorable X’mas & de best I haf ever had in all my life. Cux it was de kind of X’mas which I’ve always wished for. Thanks for de wonderful, unforgettable X’mas.

  3. I thought of you this morning when I was getting ready for work. I had the weather channel on and they were saying it might snow in Seattle! I wish it’d snow here, but yoiu know as well as I that it will never happen! 🙁

  4. Hi, By process of elimination, I think you sent me the package for BBM3. Thanks so much. I live in Canada, but I had you send it to my MI po box. I went there today. The rice krispie treats were a tad stale, but my dogs loved them a lot. I cant wait to try the choc sauce and the jam. I’ll write an entry up soon.

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