A day off

I took the day off today to get an early start to the weekend and to go to the Garden Show with mum. Mike and I haven’t had the time to plan our garden this year so I thought it would be a good chance to just gather ideas.

Out of all the beautiful and intricate gardens, my favorite was this modern one. I love the horizontal slated screens, floor lamps, simple bench with crookstem bamboo, mondo grass and this lovely fire dogwood.

I did get a cool cast iron bird/bell. I was tempted to get a new peony tree start and some pussy willow starts but like I said, I hadn’t planned our garden. So it will have to wait.

Some of my favorite shops were Mongo Mongo and David Smith & Co. [lovely finds from Indonesian islands – reminiscent of a past business I had]. I loved the lanterns, their capiz shells hangings and the beautiful ceremonial umbrellas. A popular product seemed to be the pasar [market] baskets.

Another interesting vendor that caught my eye sold these obsidian windchimes – these are wonderful lava rock chimes creatively put together with other natural materials like dried seed pods, flowers etc. You can see them here.

A good day spent!


  1. Glad u had a good day in your element. My interests are so non-varied that everytime I get bored, I just end up thinking of activities that include food/eating. =)

  2. Since moving to this house, I cant garden that much anymore. Its sad really but I have an empty tub that I can use to garden on my balcony. I just have to wait until next spring because it so freakin hot here.

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