Lemongrass Growth

It’s been raining on most weekends – grrr…just when our patio is useable, it doesn’t stop drizzling. Anyhow, I wanted to share the growth of my lemongrass stalks. The root length is now about an inch and shortly, I will plant them into a big planter so that they flourish.

We are having some friends/neighbors over for dinner. We were hoping to sit out on the patio but it looks like we might have to wait till when it will be drier.

On the menu, we have salmon burgers, Italian sausage, hot dogs for the kids, potato salad, cheesey corn bread and a clafouti with ice cream for dessert. It looks like we are beckoning summer to come quickly.


  1. mademoiselle a.

    Busy stalks, good stalks! 🙂 Are these going to live in the patio in summer?

    Ginger resigned somewhere in winter, but maybe there’s hope. If not, I will take your advice and switch to lemongrass stalks….

  2. Cin

    Oh thks for updates on lemongrass growth.I’ve never seen how it is growth out into a full plant. Hence, am really very curious on it.
    Btw, gosh! I’m already loving yr almost finished patio. Esp de rainbow gravels & Mexican beach pebbles! Hey, can I sleep at yr patio when I visit in summer? Haha! *winks*

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