Gum Drop Pillows

gumdrop pillows

I really like these gum drop pillows from Amy Butler. I think they make fun ottomans to lounge around with. When I used to live in Singapore, I never liked sitting on the couch or armchairs because it was always too warm or humid. I would choose to sit on the floor instead, with a bunch of pillows. These pillows remind me of that.

I am thinking of trying my hand at making one or two of these for my tea nook so folks can put up their feet when they hang out there.

The hardest part is trying to decide which fabric I would use. Her new line of fabrics have such beautiful patterns and colors.


  1. Ohh, you picked up the cushions idea from last week! 🙂
    Even though it is not nearly the same climate as in Singapore here, I never was and am comfortable to sit at desks and on chairs. I prefer the floor, with pillows or a throw.
    The worst thing though is a low coffee table in the salon and having to sit on the sofa and have coffee and something to eat. Terrible!

  2. Cin

    Yipee!! Yr blog is up again. Miss it. Oh these pillows r so cute. It can truly spice up yr tea nook area. I can imagine….

  3. Christina Wong

    I love these gum drop pillows. I love lounging around on the floor too and have been looking to get some bean bags and big cushions to throw around the living room. Tried to look for them at Pier 1 and Target but couldn’t find any of them.

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