Even though I’ve been posting more regularly since my blog came back up, I feel like I haven’t really talked to you, my readers.

Summer is upon us and in the PNW, some days it is hard to believe it. It feels like the clouds guard our city fiercely from the blazing sunshine. I am however keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will be allowed to take over for a bit.

So, what am I up to? Besides the gardening projects (some I’ve posted about, some yet to be unveiled), things have been ramping up here at work as we finally get going on a project we’ve been holding our breath for.

On Mike’s front, he’s done with his classroom year and looks forward to a fun summer, albeit with a honey-do list. His final year begins in the fall and although I can tell that he is more excited about it, for now, he’s quite exhausted from the year.

My folks who have been here since we returned from Singapore are looking forward to their trip home. I will miss them until they come back here but we have a fun-filled trip planned in 2008 (more on that later on!). It’s been wonderful having them here and I think they’ve enjoyed the kids a lot.

Anyhow, this is the season to be outdoors. Even if we don’t get all the garden projects done, we are planning to have picnics, long walks, night drives and some beach fun. You do too, ok?

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