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My favorite month of the year is here again. Yay!

Work has been vigorous of late, to say the least but I am coping. It is such a refreshing change! Still, when the weekend rolls aroundI’m often conflicted between doing something fun and just resting. I know my body will soon protest if I push it too hard and it will teach me a lesson by letting me catch a bug or something.

Some interesting things this week:

  • My good friend K who moved away last year (god, time flies!) is visiting me tomorrow and I get to see her O, all grown up now.
  • We went to watch ‘Helvetica‘ last night and really enjoyed it. There were some really cool type folks there that we got to rub shoulders with.
  • We (K & I) whisked J away for a birthday lunch and got some much needed girlfriend giggle/chat time.

It looks like August is off to a really good start.

Image: Jonathan Adler’s Lion Chic Statuary

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