New MoMA goodies

I received the new MoMA catalog this week and here are some of the things that I am now lusting after:

For Scarlett, clover dishes for cocktail snacks, bread box for the bread that is always lying around the counter and these cute red measuring spoons

moma aug 2007 homeware

For myself, this aptly named colorful wallet, this adorable red calculator and this Eames miniature bent ply chair in the shape of an elephant:

moma aug 2007 personal

It’s a pity my birthday is over. Maybe Santa will remember?


  1. I have never had good luck with bread boxes; neither with antique enamel ones, nor with modern ones. The bread tends to soil much faster, and these boxes need a lot of cleaning (or else yeast germs spread and affect bread only the faster). We are back to leave bread lying around on the counter… 🙂

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